Uber carjacker pleads guilty and gets JAIL sentence

A 14-years-old has plead guilty to second-degree murder in the case of a Washington, D.C., Uber Eats driver according to Townhall Media

The teen, not named by the publication, was sentenced on Tuesday to juvenile detention and will be released once she turned 21, according FOX 5.

The girl, who was the second to be sentenced in this case, was given the maximum requested penalty prosecutors asked the court to mandate.

On March 23 the girl, who was at the time 13, joined another 15-year-old girl in attempting to carjack Mohammad Anwar, a Pakistani immigrant.

The pair attacked Anwar with a taser and presumably left him unconscious as eh was seen hanging from the vehicle before it flipped, a crash that was responsible for his death.

Both girls were arrested and the 15-year-old also received her sentencing last month. She will also remain in juvenile detention until she turns 21.

The younger of the defendants was able to avoid some charges, such as those for carjacking, thanks to her guilty plea. A tough decision for a kid not old enough to drive a car or, at the time, even enter high school.

The gruesome crime perpetrated by those of such a tender age made headlines most won’t soon forget. The family of the victim will certainly not soon lose sight of the horrific tragedy.

Anwar’s family told the judge that he was a family man and kind-hearted person who worked for years to support his family in Pakistan before they were able to migrate to the United States.

A GoFundMe  for the family has raised more than $1 million.