Two thirds of Republicans are ready to vote for Trump in 2024

The political class may have abandoned President Trump, but the base is still solidly with him.

John Nolte writes:

We now have two polls that show the fake media’s current gaslighting campaign is not working. As of today, Rasmussen Reports shows President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at a healthy 46 percent, and Rasmussen is one of the few pollsters out there anyone can trust anymore.

On top of that, Frank Luntz has a poll out that shows two-thirds (65 percent) of Republicans are prepared to vote for Trump in a 2024 GOP primary, whereas only 35 percent said they would vote for a different Republican.

So what does that really mean?

These numbers are only shocking if you have made the mistake of watching CNNLOL, or reading the far-left New York Times and Washington Post. According to those propaganda outlets, these numbers are near impossible. After all, Trump is a traitor who engineered an attack on the U.S. Capitol to overturn a free and fair presidential election.

Well, what these polls actually prove is that no one is listening to any of the establishment media’s garbage anymore. I mean other than the fools who always listen to it.

Additionally, despite the fake media attempting to twist reasonable questions about election integrity and 2020 irregularities into “treason” and “insurrection,” 73 percent for Trump voters (we’re talking about some 45 to 55 million people here) still believe the 2020 election was “rigged and [the system] needs to be fundamentally changed.”

Only 27 percent said the election “system works.”

So here you have it… More proof that all the media can do anymore is whip up its left-wing base. The rest of us are not stupid and are not listening.

This is 100% true. For all of Trump’s failings, Republican voters, including yours truly, still trust him more than the media, the Democrats, and the pathetic Never-Trump Romneyite wing of the party put together.

That goes for Josh Hawley, Mike Pence and Ted Cruz as well. Any of them would have my vote in 2024.

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