Two San Francisco prosecutors quit jobs, join push to recall leftist DA Chesa Boudin

Two San Francisco prosecuting attorneys announced their resignation this week from the office headed by controversial, far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin, and both have also signed onto the ongoing effort to recall him from from his position, as local NBC affiliate KNTV reports.

Brooke Jenkins and Don duBain are the latest of the over 50 lawyers who have departed the office – either voluntarily or via firing – since Boudin took the reins in early 2020, a number that represents approximately a third of those with whom he began his tenure.

Chief among the complaints lodged by Jenkins and DuBain are allegations that Boudin – well known for his progressive leanings – routinely advocates for more lenient sentences than the law permits, allows early release for dangerous criminals, and often opts not to prosecute serious offenses whatsoever, as the Daily Mail noted.

“Chesa has a radical approach that involves not charging crimes in the first place and simply releasing individuals with no rehabilitation and putting them in positions where they are simply more likely to re-offend, Jenkins declared, according to KNTV.

According to the duo of departing attorneys, Boudin’s approach has made San Francisco a more dangerous place to live, with duBain saying, “He basically disregards the laws that he doesn’t like, and he disregards the court decisions that he doesn’t like to impose his own version of what he believes is just – and that’s not the job of the district attorney.”

In a particularly egregious example of Boudin’s conduct, duBain pointed to a case in which his boss instructed him to ask for a more lenient sentence for a defendant convicted of shooting his own girlfriend, something which would have been a contravention of state laws governing criminal penalties. The outrageous nature of the request, duBain explained, caused him to withdraw from the matter entirely.

“I’ve done 136 jury trials in my career – never, never withdrawn from a case before. I’ve seen decisions made in this office in the last year plus, since Chesa took over, that shocked my conscience – and I’ve been a prosecutor for 30 years,” duBain lamented.

It was announced this week that a group of organizers working toward a recall of Boudin have now amassed more than 83,000 signatures in support of the effort, far exceeding the 51,325 required to force an election to be held, according to SF Gate, in a push that Jenkins and duBain have now joined.

Hopefully the difficult decision these prosecutors have made to sacrifice their employment for their overriding principles will help persuade enough voters to remove Boudin from office and usher in a new commitment to law and order, but given the radically leftist governance under which San Francisco has operated for decades, such an outcome seems far from certain.