Two officers shot in Ferguson, Missouri, one in critical condition

Two St. Louis police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri, and were hospitalized on Wednesday. One of the officers is in critical condition, but there are few details available on his prospects.

The two officers’ identities have remained anonymous although they are both in their mid-twenties.

The two officers were gunned down when they approached a car that the officers suspected had been used in a recent killing. The occupants of the vehicle then opened fire at the approaching officers.

One of the suspects, Equan Hopson, was struck in the gunfight and died at the scene from his injuries.

This awful incident has highlighted just how dangerous America’s cities are becoming. Crime is running rampant, and America’s police officers are being left out to dry by progressive politicians.

The shocking rise in crime can be directly attributed to Democrats’ weak on crime approach that has reduced penalties for crimes and even let violent criminals back into society.

More American police officers will be in the line of fire unless something is done to crack down on the crime and violence that is making our nation more and more dangerous.