Two of Kamala Harris’ top aides are resigning

In the wake of her first foreign trip, Vice President Kamala Harris’ office will reportedly experience a personnel shake-up in the near future.

According to the Washington Examiner, it was reported this week that two of the vice president’s top travel aides — both of whom work on the “advance” crew — are set to leave their position within the next few weeks. 

The news also comes on the heels of the vice president taking criticism for visiting the El Paso, Texas area to mark her border visit — an area significantly less hectic than the heavy-traffic border areas of the Rio Grande Valley.

The aides who will be leaving their posts include Gabrielle DeFranceschi, the deputy director of advance, and Karly Satkowiak, the director of advance. The two are responsible for coordinating with venues ahead of Harris’ trips, along with overseeing her travel plans.

As of this writing, there’s no indication that Harris’ recent trips led to the coming exit of the two aides, as Harris’ office reportedly indicated that the two aides’ departures were “long-planned.”

Harris’ office apparently isn’t wasting any time in an attempt to replace the shortage in her travel department, as the administration reportedly issued a call for “advance associates,” who will work as volunteers and not be compensated, at least with money.

“We aim to onboard a critical mass of talented logistical experts,” the call for help in an email sent to current and former employees said, according to Fox News. Those who work in the travel department also help coordinate travel for the second gentleman, Douglass Emhoff.

Those who answer the call and are ultimately hired will have a busy year ahead, as Harris plans to criss-cross the country not only promoting the COVID-19 vaccine but also in an attempt to promote and drum up support for the Democrat-led voting rights bill that Republicans are working overtime to kill.

Unlike President Joe Biden, who has virtually had the same people working alongside him for his entire career, Harris entered the White House surrounded by new staffers, who were reportedly told they would only be there a short time, according to The New York Times.