Tweets of the day: What’s Up With GameStop And Robinhood – In Layman’s Terms

Non-political people that thought that big tech was only a threat to conservatives just got the shock of their life. When a bunch of small investors banded up to punish big hedge funds in the stock market, tech apps like Robin Hood BANNED the trading of certain stocks. It’s almost like big companies are colluding against the little guy. Who would’ve thunk!

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    1. Don’t wait too long. Life is short (I’m 84) and I would like to live to see it. Maybe even participate to the extent that I still can.

  1. Swalwell isn’t the only Chinese spy in the government. There are hundreds in congress, they are called demonicrats, and one in the white house.

  2. The Supreme Court is being negligent in its duty of oversight, of a number of states that have violated the constitution, by letting officials make laws illegally, instead of the legislatures in those states. This falls squarely in the scope of the Supreme Court. Whether or not any complaint has been filed in any other court or the Supreme Court Directly. This is the job of the Supreme Court in its roll of oversight, in the protection of the constitution. I am sorely disappointed by the Supreme Courts actions or lack there of, to do what is necessary to protect the constitution and thereby the country and the people. Trump thought he appointed three conservatives to the Supreme Court, I think he guessed wrong. I think that he appointed three Rhinos.

  3. .I agree Twitter must go, I have thought for a long time that Twitter was/is collecting and giving the personal information of Americans to China. This makes Twitter and most all of the big tech a national security threat to the country. I think that nearly all of the big tech ceos have strong ties to the CCP and are using their tech to help China and hurt America for financial reasons. For this reason alone they should be either broken up, or put out of business. Another option would be ( what they would dread ) to move them out of the U.S. and move them where they want to do business, China, as all of the businesses in China are state owned or controlled, these businesses would not like to live under a Chinese dominated regime. Personally I think that it would be a good form of retribution, well earned and deserved.

  4. Will someone start a petition to force Biden to close the border.
    Will someone start a petition to force Biden to finish the border wall.
    Will someone start a petition to stop Biden from giving [email protected]@re to [email protected]
    Will someone start a petition to force Biden to reinstall the XL pipeline.
    Will someone start a petition to force term limits on all congressmen.
    Will someone start a petition to remove immunity for congressmen.
    Will someone start a petition to pardon president Trump.
    Will someone start a petition to impeach Pelosi, Schumer.

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