Tweet of the day:Joe Biden is terrified of you asking this question

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  1. We now have another corrupt administration in the White House. They are going to tear our Constitution apart unless we get our President Trump back in office. These people are pure evil through and through.
    Praying we still strong Republicans like yourself to watch these traitor’s. God Bless You

    1. This will be a continuing Obama’s constitution obliteration of the constitution. His 3rd term, ready to continue where he left off ( with Soros leading) staying in DC ( unlike any other President) after his term was over. Think about it.

      1. Right! That little banana-baboon has never shut up and gotten lost! He’s a FORMER president (God helped us all through THOSE F’ing eight years) and I can’t figure out why I keep seeing his disgusting photograph in the news. Now…oh, I see…he never once even considered supporting anyone who followed him, shutting up, and getting lost (i.e., going “home”, like all his predecessors–but the little Ngro doesn’t HAVE one, just like so many others of his unfortunate, ah, half-race). No, now we’ve apparently got to see his disgusting little banana-republic face (and his hair, rapidly growing gray, thank God–might he actually be AGING?) in the news AGAIN, blacgggh! And his little Ngro friend Susan Rice, who lied all over TV about Benghazi…Ugh. The little b-b must be in charge, again, ugh.

      1. This election was so corrupt!!
        Why wasn’t this election done over? I can’t believe the American people are silent about the turnout.
        You all know that the corrupt OBAMA is behind all of this.
        Remember when OBAMA wanted ONE WORLD ORDER???

      2. NO way he is going to President,CHINA Crooked Beijing Joe Biden and his SonHunter Biden for Treason acts, to the AMERICA People, in prison them in 2021. And or firing Squad?? Than you

  2. We will see how long this will last and how effective it will be. As corrupt as they are and we know that the easier it is to hold them accountable.
    and take back our country.

  3. I totally agree with all these comments. This is the biggest sham of all time !!!! What is this showing our up and coming generation about truth, honesty and hard work. It should have never been allowed to happen. I will remain loyal to our current duly elected president for the rest of my life. His family must be so proud of all his accomplishments!!! I don’t believe we will ever have a chance to have a bright future in America again….God Bless his courage and enthusiam and the part of his life that he shared so graciously for America the Beautiful…. There is a version of American the Beautiful performed by Carroll Roberson that says it all SO WELL….

  4. This is just a start of china taking over our country.Trump would not bend to china ,like obama,clinton, they are gonna get
    rid of him .they have all the connections they need. right here in the us goverment.all the big tech. even google does not want you to
    print anything concering the election..they take it off..this is not a free country anymore…little by little it will be gone. if the people
    don’t take action soon.we are doomed.and will be let to the gas chambers like in gemany. i can already smell it.BELIEVE IT OR NOT.
    OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA. we are in serious trouble with biden harris polosie, etc etc..they are all against America. our police force
    and anything that helps us..but after all is done .their lives will be in danger too. they are just being used. and i hope i live long enough
    to see it happen to them. they caused this.GOD BLESS TRUMP FOR ALL HE DID FOR US AND STILL TRYING .WHERE IS OUR GOD???

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