Tweet of the day: Where is Joe Biden?

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  1. Biden———-He’s Hiden——Nothing has Changed (in his Demented mind) since the Day BEFORE Jan. 6th…………….He’s a Man “without a Country”, A Man Alone with another Guy’s wife. I’m glad I got my Corvette the Hard way, I bought it. He stole his by Marrying into it…(Ask Jill’s former Husband)

  2. People were warned this would happen, and I’m hoping at least some democrats feel they made a huge mistake, I just hope we can survive 4 years of this communist regime. I’m praying God isn’t happy either with their abortion agenda. And Biden claims he’s a religious Catholic, he’s a greedy, money hungry lying hypocrite and maybe God will strike him dead. Hallelujah!

    1. Carly, I’m Catholic too & every 10 days I call 1-202-337-2840. That is Biden’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church’s Priest’s Voice Mail line in Washington DC. I beg him, (Father Kevin Gillespie) to please Call me at my recorded # & Explain how He can Administer Holy Communion to Biden? or even allow Joe to enter his Church?——I NEVER get an answer Back…. We (All Faithful Catholics) all know why Heaven will not be very Crowded. I Believe “Kevin” loves the almighty $ more than his Faith. What Else could be the answer, Short of Ex-Communicating THEMSELVES?

  3. machines dominated our past president election and that was a disgrace to mankind. our elections were sacred to us and now i dont really know but i am turned off. a machine voted for us imagine that. a machine……….right or wrong it was wrong…….and now we have a man that is so senile he can barely walk across a stage let alone run a country. he stammers and states things out of context and makes mistakes and the media says oh that just old joe…… what if he has to be reminded to pick up his mask before leaving the podium……just a flow pau you know happens all the time to everyone……..or be watched carefully exiting a room or stage…..just need some minor help this horrible a machine mind you decided this election not you or i and now is the time to really examine what happened and get the truth out in the open. where did all those late and delayed ballots come from where did they have people chained to walls scribbling all day and night………..get our election back to the right path for the future. please.

    1. It needs to be done NOW, the RATs are figuring out which way they are going to fix the election in 2022. Folks, we need to get ahead of these creeps , and now.

  4. Lots of American’s are sorry now. But the Union’s that supported the Democrats are happy. Even though they are destroying our beautiful country.

    1. So called “King Biden” is just plain lost. As you must recognize he never was in charge and Harris should watch her back as it appears Pelosi is aiming for the position of president.

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