Tweet of the day: Voter ID anyone?

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  1. Communist demo wants total control over the people, under Obama concentration camps were being secretly being built like that one during Hitler rein of Terror in the US. And the communist demo congress personal are now stating anyone who did not vote for these asinine a-holes Harris/Bieden should be arrested on grounds of TREASON and put to death. This statement came from multi able COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS IN BOTH THE HOUSE AND SENATE.

    COMMUNIST DEMO WANTS FULL CONTROL OVER THE USA to turn it into a pi;e of communistic manure that does not qualify for fertilizers.

  2. How about trying voter ID, if it works then go the next step. Just fix the things broken isstead of crreating more messes.Ok? Errol.

    if it pas out

  3. If we had voter ID we wouldn’t have any doubt about any elections, and there wouldn’t be talk of insurrection.

  4. Democrats will not give up on ruining the USA. It is coming down to the idea (if Trump is not reelected) of civil war being the only way to protect our Constitution and America.

  5. Definitely Voter ID should have been enforced for the election and there wouldn’t have any reason for a cry of fraud. The nation got hoodwinked by the Democrats that it would be the safest way to vote by mail in ballots! The election process should have conducted in accordance the Blue Ribbon Panel of the 2005 election Cater/Baker. There wouldn’t have been any complaints of fraud. The 2020 election was a farce and the results was Trump lost because of fraud by mail in ballots and Dominion voting machines!

  6. What is the sense in yielding to the ideas of the Democratic party ,why just talk about what should be and in each of our little lives do something every day to resist, that way all across the nation we stick a thumb in there eye! Liberty was given to us by many before us so show we deserve this and earn it by not giving in or up!

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