Tweet of the Day: Trump Vindicated – Major Scandal Was A HOAX

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15 Responses

  1. I don’t read this toilet trash paper and whoever pays attention to such NEWS loves to hear from demorats! It must be the last SWAMP news people love to read.

  2. Newspapers responsibility is to collect information from reliable sources, review the facts to determine accuracy, report honestly, always offer both sides of political issues, accept the paper’s role of informing reliably, with intent to educate legal voters properly so citizens can make up their minds in the best informed manner. Any deviation from these guidelines and responsibilities will compromise the optimum results of our Democratic process and threaten the freedoms so beautifully presented in the American Constitution. The failure of several major newspapers to act in an honest and responsible manner is currently a tragic threat to survival of our Nation and its citizens.

  3. Let’s not leave Soros out, he is one should be in jail and company. The light will shine at the end.

  4. Now you know why the fence is up around DC! These DEMONCRAT POLITICAN know they STOLEN THE ELECTION! So they are rushing everything out to keep us helpless! Biden got little time left. So as long as they got the fence up and the National Guard in place. They are going to try to DESTORY AMERICA! Pelosi and SCHUMER are running the show in DC. I will bet ANTIFA and BLM is going to move on them soon!

  5. The only ones that listen to this are people who only know how to hate. They hate us because we stand for everything that is American, they stand for what is free. If only they would open their eyes and see that eventually they will be paying for all this free stuff, and unfortunately we will too. Wake up and see what is going on before it is too late.

    1. I like Tucker and most of Fox News hosts.I think they tell it like it is.Next thing they should bring up is stupid people on-line calling God racist.You criticize your creator,your in trouble,’cuz everybody does eventually die.Meet thy Creator! And cringe!

  6. This just proves the Washington Post is just another one of the Fake News and Propaganda machine. Big surprise. They should be shut down for their lack of ethics. We just want to hear the news, with no one’s opinion inserted. If you cannot report the news in a fair, unbiased and responsible manner, then you should go away.

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