Tweet of the day: Trump Footage Emerges – Media Is Furious

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  1. I love this one. The media did nothing but lie and people started seeing through the lies. Big tech and social networks should be controlled.

  2. It is disappointing that the “media” are so slanted that they fall backwards to suck up to Biden and his asinine ideas. Then the left wing reporters write about a bunch of crap that is meaningless. Even sports writers are becoming engulfed in politics, as a Houston Chronicle writer tried to denigrate the Governor of Texas for removing the mandates to wear masks, and allowing places to open for business. The sports’ reporter should stick to sports and stay away from politics.

  3. The reason I think that President Trump is so gifted smart is that he has common sense to go with it. So many Presidents are smart but zero common sense. Common sense, you have to have, to do anything right.

  4. Donald rump was also a successful business man in New York State Realty. As Judge Janine Pirreo states Big business and politics in New York City is a blood sport. Donald and Janine know the rules and follow them.

  5. Biden is so lost he will be the worst so call president that ever held the office. I believe he is a puppet for someone who wants to take over the office.

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