Tweet of the day: Trump family shocker

So fishy. Who in their right mind believes the results of this election?

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  1. A different subject but:
    Where is the criticism of when our dollars were spent to send out millions of voting ballets to people who didn’t want ballots and the money that it cost for write in voters to return these ballots. I never approved of these expenses and doubt if many others would either.

  2. I have continued to believe God is going to expose the extreme corruptness that was done in this election and DONALD J.TRUMP will
    be the winner. Thank you Mr. President fir your perseverance. The true Americans love you more than any President ever. YOU ARE DEFINITELY FOR THE PEOPLE and it shows.

  3. Amen…swamp drainage is continuing….I promise you, after Trumps wins this mess, it’s gonna look like the swamp burst a main water line…a reckoning is coming…MAGA all the way.

    Lara was so right…this is so blatant in everyones face…get your popcorn ready!!!

    1. RIGHT ON!!! Pray that Trump weed out the Swamp Dwellers in CDC so we can rid of the mask and social distancing BS!!!! Very disturbing to how many sheeple out there wear the darn masks tat do NOTHING to protect themselves or anyone else!

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