Tweet Of The Day: Trump CRUSHES RINO’s – They’re Terrified

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20 Responses

  1. The government has identified the wrong domestic terrorists, everyone knows it’s the democrats terrorizing

  2. I have limited funds and no money available to contribute. However: HOW CAN MITCH MCCONNELL, MITT ROMNEY, THE SUPREME COURT (and others) BE SO BLIND AND IGNORANT?IT IS “INTUITIVELY CLEAR TO EVEN THE MOST CASUAL OBSERVER” THAT THIS ELECTION WAS FRAUGHT WITH FRAUD TO OVERRIDE THE LEGITIMATE VOTES!!!! FURTHERMORE; THE SENATE AND HOUSE WERE DERELICT IN THEIR DUTY TO VERIFY ALL LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE COUNTED, AND ENSURE THAT ALL NON-LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE REJECTED!!!! I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America.There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left. Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.) Democ’rats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is either ignorant or lacks even an ounce of intelligence. Just make sure as Republican members/candidates for the Senate and House you will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!

  3. What I believe Really Needs to be Done, is to get a directive from the United States Supreme Court or possibly Congress to have each of our 50 States Election Boards prove that the “Finality” of each states election laws be in truth ‘which is proven to be as our founding fathers Intended them to be interpreted and enforced correctly.. Do away with the prostituted changes that have been made by some clerk in an election to skew the results to Steal an election and Verify that it has been accomplished before any more elections. There was a TRUTH reason that Our Founding Fathers Wrote the rules the way they did and they did not tell any party that it was ok to change the words to suit any other purpose. I Pray God will answer my Prayer to this end.

  4. I keep getting emails from the RNC etc asking for donations. Some even reference President Trump for 2024. I will not send a nickel. They are only trying to save their own a$$$s and take in money to give to Rhinos.

  5. The Lord is bringing to light ALL the corruption and those corrupted for their crimes especially against President Trump bc HE wanted him there for that reason and to help bring America back to GOD. WE should Praise our Lord for showing us all this bad stuff and pray for PRESIDENT TRUMP and his family🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚂🚂🚂

  6. We have one President and that is Donald Trump ….. wish there was a way to get him back in that chair right now ….. how about getting Pelosi’s grand kids shouting “Close Biden” and then the door closes to shut that old fool Biden up and out…..

  7. When will the Law’s be Up Held against Corruption? America and American’s Need to come First. For Bless Mr. Trump🙏

  8. To the LeoTerrell, yep good comment, STOP THE RINOS FROM MAKING MONEY WITH PRESIDENT TRUMPS NAME. The latest, big tech is being hacked😂🤣🤪😁good hope there experience is great.

  9. Donald Trump is the one, true POTUS, he knows it, Democrats know it, the country knows it, and the entire universe knows it

    1. I certainly hope so. I would like to see the defeat of the rhino republicans (turncoats) and democrats for the next upcoming election and if it is our Lord’s Will, prayer, and hope for Trumps’ second and third terms also.

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