Tweet of the day: Time to make a stand

At Main Street Gazette, we’ve been anti-rioters and pro-police from day one, and that’s NOT going to change. Period.

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    1. Tit for tat; Dems steal from the people ,therefore the people steal from the Dems. Power of the people to control government corruption.

  1. When are Democrats going to take responsibility. Donald Trump isn’t responsible for everything that happens. His supporters were peaceful till AntiFi caused chaos. Stop tearing down AMERICA.

  2. “Good noW!”®,B”H. It’s B-llSh-t! ANTIFA did it, and worse they stole and Mike Pence is talking appeasement. NO! They cheated, That’s it, TRUMP WON! CHEATS DON1T COUNT!. NO VOTE COUNT NEEDED! Dummies! AS FOR THAT F’n DORSEY & FB INSTAGRAM need to walk the plank after shutting down the PRESIDENT’s account. WHAT DO THEY THINK THEY ARE PLAYING AT. THEIR OPERATIONS NEED TO BE SEIZED< IT'S THAT SIMPLE. THESE PEOPLE ARE LIKE A LOADED AUTOMAT__ SPRAYING MAGA hats!


  3. The CEO of Facebook and Twitter should be tried for being traitors and charged with TREASON. These people have split their britches. All they do is spew hate. They are not Americans.

  4. Facebook and Twitter should be charged with treason for their constant bias of locking out TRUMP so he can’t get his message out. Sorry to hear what AG Barr said, Lindsey Graham and Mitch Mc Connell and the rest of these run away republicans. When Trump’s accomplishments made them look good they applauded. Now they want to desert him. Very sad and unfair. Had any of them been in Trump’s place for the last four years they would have folded and ran like a bunch of wounded dogs. Trump never ran away but fought the good fight. Hopefully they will someday see the light

  5. Email your Senators to launch an impartial investigation into Dominion voting machines. DO IT NOW!

    There have been all kinds of allegations that they provide fraudulent results. While most people in the Government and the Media have been claiming the results are legitimate.

    We have until the twentieth before the Democrats take over, and nothing will get done. And there will be a next time.

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