Tweet of the day: Time to abolish this sweetheart deal for Dems

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  1. When a political party chooses to cheat to win elections and try to sneak in pork in every bill proposed to pay off their special interests, lie and threaten any that oppose them, what good are they to this country??? There is no integrity in what they do- we deserve better from our Paid representatives.

  2. We need to wipe out the Demacrap party and clean out the Rep party get all rinos out the people need to take back are country even if it is by force and go by are laws and constation God be with us all

  3. Voter fraud has been happening in elections as far back as 2004,2008, and now it’s 2020 some of the same voting machines are still being used. to start with Sequia then it was changed and changed again and finally, in this election, it’s Dominion different name same people in charge. the only difference is the Tecnowlege and speed of how it can be done has advanced, but one should be aware machines are controlled by a man they do not change votes on their own. Hackers have over the years proven were there’s a will there’s away. This election with all the evidence mounting up has offered proof that something is questionable about the results and it must be addressed. One thing with paper ballots voter ID and voting at the polls there is still a chance of some fraud but not on the scale as being shown in the results of this election. A serious investigation should be done and those behind this fraud be brought to trial if it is to restore any faith in future elections.

  4. i first time came into this state when got transfered to base here while in navy at 18 years old. was going with a girl of 20. she said i could get five dollars of gas at a place she new of if she voted democrate. we did and she did. that was back in 1957. so they have been doing this along time or more.

  5. Roger Foster, why don’t you turn that knowledge into the FBI, you don’t have to identify yourself. Are you a citizen of this country? If so, then you need to come forth and identify that crooked place and put a stop to voter fraud!! Get a backbone and stand up like a man, and do it!!!!

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