Tweet Of The Day: This Is What Liberals Can Buy With $61,000

That’s one hell of an expensive tent.

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  1. In 1949 some of my aunts and uncles along with a whole bunch of others in West Tennessee suffered the ‘Great Silent Depression’. That economic catastrophe happened when there were too many men coming back from the service and too few jobs. The US Army Air Corps had closed down the Halls Tennessee bomber training base in 1947 and moved out lock stock and barrel. So families that had no where else to get out of the weather, opened the gates and moved into the barracks. My family lived there until ’55 when a building caught fire and burned. The Army moved everyone out (peacefully) and that was that. Some of my best memories as a child was playing around piles of discarded equipment and disabled airplanes. Wonder why the powerful US government can’t used some of their discarded buildings and facilities to give families a chance to make a go of it like my folks did?

  2. Think about that it’s only temporary housing it’s tents and you put the money together you can build five apartment buildings with 52 units in each one I know because I built them stop this these people are pocketing the money to allow these vendors to put the tents up at this ridiculous $16 million price tag if you think all the money is going to the people in those tents you’re sadly mistaken they are going into the politicians pockets and get a kickback for letting the vendor come in to do it

  3. In Kalifornia mentality the only way to solve a problem is to spend a hell of a lot more money on it. Nothing attracts lazy people like free stuff. The Kalifornia voters have to be some of the absolute dumbest voters ever to have breathed oxygen in the history of man witness how they keep electing these deranged ignorant democrats.

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