Tweet of the Day: This is the secret to the entire impeachment trial

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  1. The RATs need to be eradicated, they are destroying our jobs, our lives, our freedom and all so they can sell us out to the foreign country’s. Biden is in Alzheimer country and doesen’t even know what Obumer and Piglosi are having him sign. This is not the way our country should be treated. The RATs need to be voted out along with the RINOs at least by 2022.

  2. Thank YOU LORD we need a big win!! Congratulations President Trump! Now the rest of us lets get to work & get all these dam democrats fired for their arrogance & stupidity!!!

  3. Thank GOD 🙏. NOW WE all should demand these POLITICAN to LOSE THEIR SALARY THE REST OF THE YEARS! They wasteful spending for the second time! Did nothing since Trump was ELECT by THE PEOPLE! Everyone who spoken should be RECALL BY THEIR STATE! LYING WAS SHAMEFUL! If they think they are not guilty they better read the whole 14 AMENDMENT SECTION 1-4! And the 25 amendment! Both of these are not only talking about the president but HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATE! HARRIS IS NOT THE VICE PRESIDENT! SECTION 1 OF THE 14 AMENDMENT SAID SHE NEED TO BE A NATURAL BORN AMERICANS CITIZEN. SHE IS NOT!

  4. On no!!! I still with extra bowl of delicious pop corn. The drama party, I hope to expect another show.
    How about another 3 ring circus again repeat?. I really like the first ones, they paraded all different types of clowns. Eventually 2 of them were special delivers the Oval office. Pop corn anyone?

  5. Why Beat Around the Bush………. AMERICAN PEOPLE (At least the Good, True, & Faithful Americans) …..Are SO SICK AND TIRED OF THE DEMOCRATS and Their Pathetic Antics and Stupid Games that are Wasting the American Taxpayers Money……….They were selected (Who Knows Why.??) to do a Job and They Can’t or Even Know How to Do That.!!!!!! The Day is Coming and it is Going to be a “Reckoning” by the People, who just Despise those Democrats, who do NOTHING, but Waste Time, Money, and make Most People – SICK.!!!

  6. WHY is it that the NIMROD Democrat’s can use the word Fight, and encourage BLM and ANTIFA and it’s absolutely okay??? Can you say DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!! AND cheat and lie, and their sheeple think it’s okay? Utterly disgusting 😤

  7. Hi m wondering why Trumps attorneys did not show the videos of Waters ,Shummer ,Pelisi,Biden other democrats calling for violence… that would have taken taught them a lesson or not…. the democrats don’t have any heart mist of them have evil intentions… may God help them …

  8. none of what’s going on has anything to do about freedom of speech. BTW i am a deplorable,,,,be one for 4 years hell maybe even my lifetime. like i said no freedom speech at all…it is about people like me 74,000,000 and 25,000,000 plus tubs and tubs and tubs of unidentified Ballots from under the tables, in the vans and hell knows maybe the voting machines….we should stop critising the likes of Polcie, Bider, Shuemrrer, ARO and 3 oooothers those some have never had a job, put together a budget, hired via vetting employees or managed any thing. they lie to get kids into College ..BTW what do the colleges teach…yea i know parents dont care as long as they can get the kids out of their blogs in the bedroom.

  9. TOTAL SHAM. The house failed to do their job in the HOUSE and now they want to bring witnesses in the senate. WRONG. They made their case and most of it were lie and made up accounts of what happened. THEY SHOULD have to live with their failing to prove the charges presented and a VOTE IS WHAT IS APPROPRIATE. END THIS SHAM

    1. Waste of time and citizens money. Just so the evil immature 2 year olds can throw their tantrum. Why would any sane person listen/believe ANYTHING the democrats say!!!!!

      1. It’s all the DEMONrats do, waste our money because Trump got in the way of their evil intentions.
        If the are not brought to justice including fake president Biden, America will suffer the next four years, look at the damage he’s already done to the work force following the orders of his handlers.
        And fir all you Dems who just lost your jobs,
        When Trump runs and wins in 2024, he’s going to have to be even tougher, and expel all traitors!

        1. If we have to wait until 2024 there will be nothing left to rebuild! Trump needs back in office NOW and Biden and the Ho needs shipped off to GITMO NOW!!!

      2. I keep quoting Sir Winston Churchill, who on many occasions said in so many words, “If you’re not a liberal in your twenties, you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative in your fifties, you have no head !” Liberals have proved this over and over again. They keep thinking like the Frank Sinatra song “High Hopes”……they keep butting that dam…….but then what does a goat know.

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