Tweet of the day: They’re coming for you

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    1. if you can breathe through any mask so can the virus get to you—also if you can smell a fart through clothing the virus can get in

  1. Mask up America! We need to control YOU! You cannot go to church, even if it is outside. You can go to certain open-air bars, however. You cannot dine inside, only outside. You can go to the movies inside. Does any of this make sense? Who is paying who off? You can’t travel w/o taking a pricey CoVid test prior to flight and after. Dr. Fauci has to make his profit on the tests. You must remain in lockdown and distance 6 feet and keep the mask on even after the two shots. You are a contaminated idiot that is not to socialize because you are not of the elite.

  2. The US Government, dictator Biden, nor local law enforcement, have constitutional rites to detain nor fine ciizens. Forcing citizens to wear face masks is illegal. The US Government cannt force a citizen to buy or own anything.

  3. This Covid Virus was turned loose by the same people that put Obama in office, Soros, Clinton, CIA, FBI, they are all guilty, and all the same team, of power hungry anti-America anarchists!

  4. This Communist/Islamic/Bilderberg’s/BLM/ANTIFA takeover is going smoothly because American Citizens are a bunch of weak, Scared, feminine men too scared of getting dirty, bloody, and banged up! They would rather live like a dog who’s owner kicks around than fight for your Country and family! Where do you think this will end? When hood rat black men are raping your wife and daughter, sitting at your table eating your food and drinking your beer?

    1. You could be right, I hope not, But it looks that way. However, I think there are enough of us “kick-azz” types to take up the wimpy Wussies Slack.

  5. But if you enter the country illegally without knowledge if you’re negative or positive for C-19, that’s okay and they’re not going to test you, just release you into the country to go where you please. Isn’t this a great country though. WOW! So nice of us to give them the freedom to infect American citizens if positive for Covid. God Bless America!

    1. Yes, so they can infect others, and not only with Covid-think of all the other diseases they’re going to bring with them. And then there’ll be a “surge” and it’ll start all over again. But how many of you voted for Biden?

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