Tweet of the day: The Truth Will Win Out

This is true:

Truth matters.

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  1. The bible says “Your sins will find you out”.. The democrats will pay for what they did to steal
    the election, but only God knows when.. They have nothing to be proud of, but should be
    ashamed of what they did.. I continue to stand behind President Trump and pray for him..

    1. You are so right God is still in control and President Trump will have another four years and the Republicans and Democrats that did not stand behind President Trump will be out!!! When things seem like there’s no hope God always shows up on time even at the last second we need to repent pray and God will prevail!!!! God bless the United States of America.

  2. We know that POTUS has not called for violence, but how will we out maneuver/outshout the media and the Democrats?

  3. As a country we need to ignore the political idiots and media. Then take control of our country and rebuild following the original constitution. I listened to the bunch of cowards talk about how they won’t be stopped by what happened and how disgusted they are with the protesters. But that was after they came out hiding. They never mentioned how the people of America are tired and disgusted with their do nothing attitude and self serving actions they call democracy. They have forgotten and abandoned the people of America. We don’t need them.

  4. I never believed that President Trump would do thst. He is a real American and would never do anything so low! Thank God for PRESIDENT TRUMP!

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