Tweet of the day: The real truth revealed – it’ll be 7 YEARS

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  1. None of us will stand forr being locked up, locked out, deprived of livelihood, governent intrusion for seven years. There WILL be a revolt, already started. These people are crazy…

  2. This has been the biggest “Chicken Little” I have ever seen. This has been a Media and Democrat scam. Not saying Covid 19 does not exist, just saying they have blown it up to fit their agenda. In the end we all meet our maker and I would rather God be smiling on me than the devil, but some have been listening to the devil for so long they believe him as their norm 🙁 Prayers

  3. The truth is that in small communites (country,etc.) that the Senior Citizens (70, 80, 90) have not received any shots……..Many are signed up with 3 places to get their shots, but as yet……NADA……….Even the doctors in those communities have not received any meds for their patients………

  4. The truth is they didn’t loose all those vaccines they are hiding them. If we all get shots we won’t tolerate lock downs, closed churches, restaurants, etc. We will visit our families & friends laugh & enjoy ourselves, go to school, work, have parties etc, & exchange ideas about the crazy government & maybe come up with some ideas to get ride of them! We will not be under Soros, Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi & all the other crazy, lying, evil Democrats control.
    We all see how absolutely CRAZY, DEMENTED, TREASONIOUS LIARS, MULTI COLORED EVIL SUPREMACIST they really are but we are all sitting home except for the Dems, Antifa & BLM they can go anywhere they want (of course most of the Dems, already had their shots)! But WE THE PEOPLE CAN NOT DO ANYTHING THAT THEY SAID WE CAN NOT DO BECAUSE WE WILL BE PUNISHED BUT THEY CAN BE HYPOCRITES & DO EVERYTHING THEY TELL US NOT TO! Does not sound like the AMERICA I grew up in!!

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