Tweet Of The Day: The Best Video I’ve Seen All Week

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  1. Hope you know , with your recent action against Mr Trump you have turned your back on 75 million ( dedicated ) voters . Who will support with donations and word of mouth , any one who runs against you. UN LESS you are from mars, are you are a total nut, you know that the election was a total scam . Joe could not get more people to his largest rally than goes to a high school basket ball game . The numbers that came in for Trump at 12 were less than they were a 11 . explain that !!!! People did not take back their votes, some one or thang DID . More people voted in some areas than, they had registered . Trump had the balls to call it out while you let it slide . Telling your supporters the truth is the thang to do . If they get pissed it it still the right thang to do . If you want to keep your job , JOIN US ( AGAIN) Stand up for a change !!!! Call out the Fake election !!!!! Put some people in prison or there will never be a true election, BY THE PEOPLE. This letter was sent to all the (RINO’S) who voted to impeach Mr. Trump

    1. THANKFUL for people who will stand up for the TRUTH. will we ever get another like Donald Trump? Do not think so as GOD only made one of him. To MY way of thinking he should be named MAN OF THE CENTURY…..& hope he finds some way to RUN again & WIN BIG. Will not be here to see it as I am 95, but can still HOPE & PRAY, which is what I DO D A I L Y as long as GOD gives me the ability.

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