Tweet of the day: Thank GOD We Have A Few Spines Left In Congress

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  1. lets have the audit / if there is no fraud then good , but they damn well know there was fraud , people who committed fraud should be held accountable . including judges , governors , state sec. and dominion people . this needs to be taken care of and the organized crime family the demorats needs to be abolished . this party is not for the american people , this does not affect them only US . we need to stand up and take our country back

  2. I am only a step away from leaving the repubs If they can’t support Pres Trump I am totally done withthem . they always cave into the dems

  3. If the left thinks they scared us conservatives with their BLM, Antifa and other thugs they ain’t seen nothing yet. We will have 6 million + Trump voters in D.C. on Wednesday and another 65 million oiling their guns and preparing to fight another civil war.

    1. Let’s let the War begin……………………….we Americans, will not stand for this awful voter fraud coup by the Dems for Biden…………he did NOT win the election, and will never win the election……………..Everyone is ready and armed………………………
      Biden is a loser, and he let Soros pick his loser VP……………………Obama and Soros and Zuckenberg are all going straight to hell!

  4. It is imperative that we have an forensic audit of the ballots on election day as well as those mail ballots for the runoff.
    If you haven’t seen it find and watch the Georgia Senate Hearings on AON….they have been playing it over and over…
    unbelievable stuff…

  5. Sorry, Mr. Beck, but the Republicans are known for their refusal to fight. More know for just rolling over and playing dead.
    I think the USA needs a new party to stand up for our constitution.

  6. I hope all of congress votes for an audit, it will dispel fears of a stolen election, and if the Democrats are so sure it was a fair election they have nothing to worry about.

  7. There is absolutely no doubt that there needs to be a fair and accurate audit of
    the 2020 election. There are far too many questions. One thing is obvious, that there should not have allowed mail in ballots. It was a crime perpetuated to change the election. I will let you decide who was behind the unlawfulness. Guilty people should go to prison. This mess can never be allowed to happen again. This election was bought. Now we need to resolve the outcome and punish the ones behind it.
    The biggest question I have is how we can
    make sure that the people doing the audit
    are going to complete the outcome fairly &
    accurately. There certainly seems to be too
    much corruption going on in the United States of America. That includes Democrats, Republicans and independents. I’m appalled at what is going on in this country of ours.

  8. If the election was fair Democrats should demand an audit. If it was the other way around Trump would have the audit just to prove he won. The election was rigged.

  9. An individual that won’t take a stand for something, will fall for anything. Too many of our so called leaders are in it for the money, & popularity. They have stuck their heads in the sand. And have sold out to Satan, hell is going to be hot, no mercy, so many have crossed the line.

  10. Must have an audit,why is the left so scared,because they pushed for the mail in voting so they could rig the results.

  11. YES!!!! Audit for future trust in the freedom of an election!!! Transparency is the least we can call for. Audit, Audit Audit!!!!

  12. To many reports of fraud. The election results should be thrown out. Rules need to made to make voting in all states equal. No voting laws should be changed within in 90 days of election. No votes should be counted unless a Democrat and Republican observer are present and seated across a table from each other. No “cured ” votes allowed.
    All machines must use the same software and be certified by Democrat and Republican parties. No personnel from company providing machines and software should be allowed on premise at anytime. All people working in precincts and counting centers must wear nametags that are visible at all times with no exceptions. Anyone bullying an observer of a different party will be removed and will not be allowed to return. If bullying continues worker will not be allowed to work in future elections. All complaints must be addressed as they happen. If complaint can not be resolved then a panel of two Democrats, 2 Republicans and 1 neutral person will rule on complaint. A chain of custody must be established, if one is not available then those votes will not be counted. No votes from across state lines will be allowed. Common sense rules for everyone and every state. All states equal.

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