Tweet of the day: Texas Bombshell – Biden Gets COVER

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  1. Texas is a low priority for democrats. Too many Republicans. Biden is more concerned with sending money overseas to “help” emerging countries fight Covid-19, even though he knows most of the money sent will wind up in Swiss banks under the rulers name. Dem’s don’t take responsibility for anything , they only take credit for anything that has worked even though they had nothing to do with it.

      1. I agree with you! Joe Biden claims to be a devout Catholic. A Catholic Clergyman said he should NOT claim that lie! I do not trust him. He is Not there to serve us. Look at his Crooked son!


    1. we all know that a substantial amount of this “foreign Aid” somehow makes it ‘s way back into Democrat savings accounts too

      1. Sick to death of Biden and Harris and their lies. At the rate Biden is going with executive orders we won’t have much of a country left in his first 100 days. Hope the stupid people who voted for him are the hardest hit by his ruinous policies.

  2. What else can I say? Louis O. hit the nail on it’s head.

    We’re in for a rough couple of years unless something drastic happens.

  3. First Ole Clueless China Joe has to find Texas on the map! Next he has to have his notecards &
    Teleprompter set up – can’t wing anything -‘when he does it’s open mouth insert foot!

  4. You said it all and your so right.i feel sick when I see him try to speak and ramble about would think his wife would stop the sureaid of him making a fool of him self but I guess being in the White House means more to her than his health .he won’t last much longer you see clueless Harris is trying to take over already.and he is in bed by sun down so there.sad

  5. Biden is a lying, cheating, criminal & traitor! What else do you need to know? His ENTIRE administration should to be removed from office! There’s PROOF that the DemocRats, China & others manipulated the voting software. Biden is a ‘Resident’ in the White House, but he’ll NEVER be my President! He belongs in PRISON with the rest of his criminal family! Not in the highest office in the nation!

  6. Biden could give a rats A** about anyone in most of the states. He could care less how many people have been suffering across the country with school closures, job loses or anything else. All he is interested in is expanding his base by opening up the borders to illegal individuals and for what purpose they are actually coming here and with what other deceases that we will have to deal with down the road. And as for the people in Texas he needs to keep his sorry A** out of Texas we don’t want him or his kind here period. We have been taking care of ourselves and will continue to do so. Governor Abbott get after these sorry regulators that have set aside our grid for the extreme climate idiots ideas. Get our state back on track to take care of itself which has worked very good in the past. We will manage just fine. Keep Biden and his corrupt bunch in DC where they belong.

  7. Dumb o crats are all traitors to the country period!!! along with anyone that agrees with any part of what they are doing to this great country. If you accept Biden as your president, you are part of the brain washed morons that can never see what is going on!! Sad but true !!!

  8. Biden is a phony. His intent is too ruin this country and he can do it without trying. And that Harris thing with her off key laugh belongs in a zoo.

  9. For those who voted for CHINA joe the blackmailer you are getting what you voted for. The rest of us are suffering. Do not be so ignorant the next time you vote. research the candidate before you vote. Look at their record on voting and what bills have they brought before congress. He did nothing for 50 years in our government.

  10. Take the National Guard out of D.C. and send them to Texas where they could do some good . They were never meant to be protectors of a cabal such as the one that has taken over OUR government .

  11. The US Government under the current government–are a complete disgrace to the entire United States History back to the country’s history

  12. I do not disagree with any of you however sitting on our hands and bickering about all of this is not helping any of us. Now I am not good at doing petitions but I do know there are those of you that are. I say those of you who are need to make haste and do what needs done, write that petition so I may sign it along with the rest of you. That is what we need to do and immediately and not a second more.

  13. If “We The People” Can Get TERM LIMITS on the ballot, we should Never Again have a career Politician like joe biden, mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi and Many More Elected Officials!!! Career Politicians only want $$$$ & Power Over The People!! Demand Term Limits people!!! Is only way to Fix our political problems in USA!!

  14. King Biden sent Texas 60 generators to help with the disaster in Texas one of the biggest states in America. Way to go King Biden. Texas needs to do what Bobby Jindal did during the oil spill and Obama hadn’t sent FEMA yet. Governor Jindal went down along the coast and got what he needed to save the shore lines and told everyone he would bill FEMA. That’s what Texas needs to do or sue King Biden. People in Texas are suffering and dying and King Biden’s reign just sits there and watches. I was in the pan handle of Texas when it was snowing. It was like the blizzards I grew up with in Ohio. And Texas is covered in snow no electricity no warmth no warm water and King Biden’s takes a lid at 8am one day. If it wasn’t so serious I’d call it a joke. I hope Texas breaks away from America then I can make my first out of country move. I live in Louisiana.

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