Tweet of the day: Speaker McCarthy for the win!

Democrats are banning “gendered terms” in Congress. This is lunacy.

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    1. Never pay any attention to that at all…IT is to all of us to believe in God and keep Him in our hearts…You have to pray to Him to keep you safe…

  1. Let’s get this straight, already Congress gets paid when everyone else does not, then they have tons of protection at tax payers expence all the while they have more time off than teachers and finally they can’t agree on the color of crap. So why would the banning of gender references even raise an eyebrow there all useless overpaid turds!

  2. Typical time usage under PIGLOSI. No time spent working for the USA tax payers while they take our tax money for their pay. If anything demonstrates they do not believe in Government of the people but rather we are the slaves to the Government. This is what you get when you vote for democrats. Just how much of American Constitution, laws, ethics, values and morals and be anti Christian in everything they value and do before the people pull their head out of their butt and stop voting for democrats.

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