Tweet of the Day: Shocking Video – Who Is In Charge In The White House?

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32 Responses

  1. This is stupid if the program is not the administration then whose is it Biden doesn’t have any idea what is going on

  2. Bagdad Bob’s protege at work once again. Obviously China Joe has NO IDEA what is going on around him or where he is. Jill and the rest of the family need to be charged with elder abuse since they are doing this for their own ego and financial gain in the MILLIONS just like in the past. Most banana republics are not as badly run as is the USA under the democrats. No surprise since over the last 40 years or so they have been sending our tax money to then while they study how they gain power and rule with an iron fist.

  3. Answer without answering. Seems to be the operendi of this “administration”. Can’t answer anything and can’s seem to tell the truth without “circling back” which never gets back. Miss President Trump yet? I do.

  4. If it is not Biden, then he is a stupid imbecile frontman for a corrupt government that should be shown the door. They are playing him for a fool and if he doesn’t realize it, he shouldn’t be president. The puppeteers should be outed and run out of the White House. Who is paying their salaries?

  5. President Trump , God Bless him for showing the Biden people just how bad the administration is. LIERS, crooks, huge danger to borders Americans, and our Constitution. The left caters to communist China, I say send them to China, so they can experience communism.

  6. Fools on the left, to many orders, from communist China through the Biden Administration. Impeach Pelosi. Then go for Biden/Harris. I understand that Harris is now speaking to world leaders. Horrors, as she is a sick idiot.

  7. Arizona is complaining that Biden is a danger for the border of Arizona, what? They didn’t believe President Trump, imagine that. And the cheated in Arizona during the election. What come around goes around. Straighten out your election procedures Arizona.

  8. We the people must rise up God will help but we must do this.donate to trump pac, things will change.trump is showing us how currupt the Dems are do not listen to the Dems disregard them fight, they will loose power if we ignore them and do what is right. We must have all people vote for Trump and republicans.when the people see how hoody doody ( Biden) has turned this country into a dictator ship.we must stand against him..hoody doody is evil!!!!!!!!!!!!? All people must see the currupt…….

  9. It most certainly YOUR program. What a pathetic answer. Do your job Jen and educate yourself on what’s going on. Your predecessor had it in spades over you. Biden is the Commander In Chief of this country and should know what is going on in all aspects of his office including the programs and agencies he oversees. The White House is in disarray because it’s leader is in disarray.

  10. It is sure not Biden. He don’t even know where he is at or why he is doing there. It real sad what the Democrats have done to America trying to get all the power and money and destroying the American people so they will only answer to them. God help America and the world.

  11. It is not our Program – YES IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is in charge of our borders – if not – let
    us just let the whole world in and we can become a degraded society like all the run-down African countries !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Biden won’t let immigration officials talk to the press. He has issued a gag order. Biden’s regime thinks that Americans are stupid and don’t deserve to know what is going on. No free speech. When are Americans going to get enough of the Dems violations of the Constitution.

      1. This is about letting in the terrorists from the countries they are from, they will support them to take over America, they could care less about the ones coming from Mexico, it’s a smoke screen, something needs to be done by the courts to get the communists out of our WH and country, we still have our constitution and these people are all treasonous and disrespectful of our laws and country, Kamala is evil and job is not in charge. Evil working for the NWO, oh but we are getting some crumbs from the government the rest goes to the Middle East and China

        1. I hate to think about it, but its gonna take another 9/11 type event to wake up the American public. No one knows how many foreign terrorists are already in the country, ALLOWED IN by our lax border enforcement. The World Trade Center could fall on the democrats and they wouldn’t do anything about it.

      2. And let’s remember, on day 1 Pnazi said this will be the most open and transparent admin ever. Really!? this is just the opposite. What is going on at the southern borer is a disaster. The Texas officials don’t know what to do with these thousands being let into the country. The Pentagon should redirect the National Guard still protecting Pelosi to go to the Border and help. The CBP is overwhelmed.

      3. Biden Administration knows that Americans are too smart still to believe in their lies so they employ fascist actions against American citizens.They know that illegals from SA are so stupid that it be easy to rule over them so they are invited to our country by fascist regime.

    2. Agreed, “not their program”, that’s insane on its face. All departments are part and parcel of the executive branch of government, which means that Biden is in charge. The dims blamed President Trump for everything in government and even outside of government and now the border mess is not their program.
      This is typical of demoncrats though, create the chaos, take no blame, blame somebody else and call for more government to solve the chaos the democraps created in the first place.

    3. I think that man has completely lost it. Pelosi and her gang want to destroy our Country therefore they are not doing anything about it.
      I hope lightening strikes them!

    4. They know what they are doing. Let em in. Put them in democrat states, the states cry boo hoo, the government bails them out and they have swarms of new voters for “them”. Within a year or two, we will all be paying what’s left of our money to keep the illegals afloat. Crime will swell as will medical needs which will overwhelm the health services. It’s a planned disaster with no cure or help in sight. If they totally crush our whole system, China, Russia, and anyone else who can get into the fray will finish us off and then take over. It’s a no win situation.
      I did see the governor of Texas is calling out the National Guard. Can anyone confirm this. One report said over 100,000 illegals just simply walked in last week. No paperwork – checks or anything. Why is there not some safeguard written into our government to cover such a horrific crime being done to us? There is not even going to be a reprieve if OBiden leaves as Ms. Knucklehead will be even worse. I can think what needs to happen but can’t write it here.

    5. Ship all those illegals to Pislosi’s Vineyard Estate, and her 8 other places of residence……….She has two places in Napa Valley (3,314 sf, and 2,400sf), plus the acreage provided for the vineyard………She can keep the illegals happy with tasting the wine to make sure its not poisoned……..

      Think there are many legal citizens that are tired of this fiasco, and another CIVIL WAR is looming……………….

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