Tweet of the day: Savage burn on Biden

Nice burn….annnnd there’s more!

5 Responses

  1. those were his relatives and the demorat party . the guy is a waste and i would tell him right to his face , but he is a coward

  2. Biden knows he stole the election. He even said it in an open mike recently . He is not fit to be the president, and Nancy’s
    Henchmen knew it, that’s why he supposedly ran. What the Democrats have done is to make the biggest monster in American history with this fraudulent election. If he should go in office, we are in a world of trouble. America will never be the same again. He will drive us to a communist country. Think about what that means. If you voted for him, I hope your happy.

  3. I’ve been saying that Biden is not nor ever was a choice. Frankly I don’t believe he won and those who claim they did vote for him will live to regret it. His first problem is that he’s suffering from mental problems and he’s a Demoncrap. And above all he picked another demented demoncrap as his running mate and should he die in office she will make the country go completely communism.

  4. And the Dem’s, MSM, High Tech, all are just thumbing their noses at us saying, “See, we can elect anyone we want too, and there is NOTHING you can do about it”.

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