Tweet of the day: Ron DeSantis is NOT messing around

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  1. I am going to get in touch with the governor of PA and tell him to do the same. If not, because he is a democrat, start a demonstration to have him recalled and replaced, because he supported Biden’s Fraud, as well as the PA. suppreme court.

  2. The democrats in congress and demo. governors are a cancer on the American Republic and should be immediately removed from office. The first to to go should be biden/harris. Biden is an insane criminal, pedophile, and a terrorist.

    1. I thank God every day DeSantos is our Governor. Can you imagine what Florida would be like if a Democrat was in there. We need a DeSantos/Trump ticket for 2024. DeSantos is young enough to go 8 years with the help of Donald Trump. Bet that would send the Democrats and the Rhinos running for the hills in panic mode. That would really shake them up big time more than Trump alone.

  3. Thank God for the few Republican s who care about their country and want all evil exposed and punished.We pray for him.

  4. I would make the regulations even tougher. The fine should be $250,000 a day for suspending political candidates for elected office & complete transparency requirements!

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