Tweet of the day: Reason #754 Why Hollywood Celebs Are Disgusting

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  1. Hollywood just ain’t what it used to be years , years ago. It used to be entertainment for all ages , now it’s all about politics and it’s not entertaining we are living it and guess what most people Do Not Like What is Happening. Movie theaters are going down the drain anyway because of all the lock downs , and quite frankly lack of interest. Therefore Hollywood keep up all the rhetoric, no one really cares what is being said and guess who will Not be going to movies if they ever open up or buying movies or renting them , many , many people who are just sick of all of you that really think you have any kind of power or platforms; No One Cares!!!! Speaking for myself I am not going to continue to Pay for entertainment when all I get is baloney, I will go to a deli to get that.

  2. I am afraid this question says it all. “Trump up a wall to protect us. Biden’s administration has put up a wall to protect it from us. Why?”

  3. Hollywood is a joke! They think we are hanging on their every word. They have the morals of pigs and they show it on TV and the movies they produce. Someone is always in bed with someone, profanity is used constantly with no regards to who they are offending or corrupting. Shows that are meant to be for entertainment have turned in to political agenda and someone else’s views are shoved down our throat on a daily basis. I have stopped watching a lot of TV shows that I used to like before they started pedaling all this hog wash on them. I think, eventually, more people will start feeling this way and start being very selective about what they watch. If we all start hitting them in the pocket book they might make better decisions as to what they should and should not be preaching about to the rest of Americans!

  4. Richard it is about power that is all it is. For the illegals coming in who do you think they will thank? The way Biden is going he wants them all to be citizens and vote the democratic ticket. They will be thankful to him and the democratic party so they will vote that way and help keep democrats in power.

  5. Who cares what Hollywood elitist say or do
    They are part of the problem and harris is right there with them sick world we live in
    It’s all about the new world power

  6. Where are all our constitutional scholars to defend what’s going on in our government? Presidents come and go and so do all the policies they adopt. Something very wrong here. Trump put up a wall to protect us and now Biden wants to take it down, what does the constitution say about that, it’s just not right. People coming in taking jobs and all kinds of resources from the citizens of our country. Biden must stop this insanity he is doing to our country. I think if they don’t stop this madness soon there will be some kind of revaluation people will not adhere to this liberal communist behavior. If we wanted a Dictator we would have elected Pelosi or Schumer, Biden is acting just like a communist. Time to start holding these people accountable. God Bless America.

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