Tweet of the day: Read it before they take it down

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  1. I agree. Let’s face it Twitter, Facebook, mainstream media, and other people only want to hear their own voice or the voice of someone that thinks just like them. This is dangerous. Maybe all of them should not be allowed to spew their hate and violence. The media is responsible for most of the violence, as they whip everything into a major event, and get people’s anger stirred up. Personally, as someone who has voted Democrat for 60+ years, I will never trust another Democrat or Republican that does not stand by President Trump. They have shown their true anti-democracy side for the last few administrations. In fact, they seem somewhat confused as to what true democracy is. They have shown their disrespect for this country throughout their “royal reign.” Most of them have done nothing for the people, but try to demean President Trump, and try to get him impeached since before he got into office. It is shameful, they did it simply because he is not a lifetime member of their slimy club. I fear for my grandchildren and others that have to grow up in this ugly world we now live in. I wonder if any of them had studied history? This is how Hitler got his death camps and such.

    1. You haven’t seen anything yet! It’s going to get a lot worse so get yourself ready because this nation is about to be no more as you have known it.

    2. Amen. Our voices must not be squelched. Our children, our grandchildren and all succeeding generations are counting on “We the People “ to maintain this nation’s freedoms ALL of them. We shall not be subverted. As Martin Luther King said “we shall overcome “

  2. I don’t think they teach much history, maybe selective, but nothing about how our country became great and then the downfall during the Democrat times. They like all these problems as it hides their true agenda. They now have 4 more years unrestrained to perfect their methods of stealing elections and you can bet on it that they will use this time for their good studies. I can only say HEAVEN HELP THE USA.

  3. Anyone that tries to hide our history will be repeating our past mistakes. I spent 20yrs in the USN fighting for the country I love and it has become totally different.My grand kids and great grand kids will be trying to grow up in this mess. I shall try to teach them what school does not so maybe enough people will do this to save our country. President Trump did more good for this country than most prior presidents. It is a total shamr the way he and his family have been treated.

  4. I would post here but my phone is on google and i know that anything I say that does no agree with its communist way of thinking will be taken down.

    1. God is helping us! Prophets expecting a “huge explosion” a mind-blowing event. Hang on, fasten your seat belts, God is still in control. The Demonrats are possessed and God does not like what they have done to Trump and to this country. All that we are seeing currently was designed to expose the Deep State and their evil!

  5. Just another reason to dump Twitter and Facebook and go to PARLER, THE TRUE “FREE SPEECH” PLATFORM !!! TWITTER AND FACEBOOK DO NOT DICTATE THE RULES, THEY ARE GOING DOWN, FAST !!!

    1. AND MÉWÉ AND VK, u can compare with fb, the 1th is USA , 2nd Russia, both FREEDOM of speech, i post on both áll my TRUMP POSTS, on fb they take it off, always blocked for my honousty about OUR TRUMP. SIMPLY THE BEST POTUS EVER. Grts from Amsterdam, Anjo.

  6. Beware the demonrats and republicants! The Deep State is on both sides of the aisle. Do you see the rats leaving the “sinking ship?” It really isn’t sinking, but the Deep State and the enemies of the people do not accept that! I could name names, but won’t, too many. Melania’s aide/secretary, whatever, resigned. Why? A spy for the Deep State? Mnuchin should get the H out! God is doing something big, folks. It has been prophesied by many proven prophets. The MSM is blocking us re information that is true. Amazon shut down Parler. Twitter is purging its files. Facebook is shutting down accounts all over the place. I know this, I have ordered from Amazon over time because it is easier for me. No more. Walmart is a Chinese supporting company – notice how much is Made In China? I will not buy anything knowingly that is made in China. God has sent plagues on them that won’t quit. Tells me something. Watch the prophets – Hank Kunneman is one. He is on You Tube.

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