Tweet of the day: Nancy Pelosi BUSTED

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15 Responses

  1. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Harris, AOC, Omar the rest of the squad & the rest of the evil Dems needs to be fired along with Cheney, Romney & the rest of the turn coat Rep.,& Biden & Pelosi need to be excommunicated form the Church. We are their employers lets start a petition & fire the whole bunch of these idiots!

  2. I am grateful to read most of these comments as I know y’all stand for truth and justice. I have to trust good triumphs over evil and faith in my fellow Americans to stand for our great country. Please bring President Trump back.


  4. Leave to her to tell you what to do and the overlord does whatever she wants. Give her the fines for all to see. Tooooooo old to remember what she said. Retire please. Another in the oval office should have retired long ago. Term limits and 65 and retire. Your 1920’s thinking has been out dated long ago. Go back to the crawl space you came from. Next we will be in a space suit or 2 or 3 on at once.

  5. So the supreme courts are willing to hear the truth ,law suited from the fraud elect.wonder why now they must be feeling the guilt. But too late the damage is already done thanks or no thanks to them .that took an oath to protect ,serve and the country is in danger by the radical terrorist that they let in office. supreme courts judges are a big part of the wrongs in this country .their oats mean nothing as well as the corrupted politicians in this country that their honor means nothing.they have no heart or conscience in their wrong doings.

    1. Vicky, it is not over, the whole follow-through is happening, it was allowed to proceed so that ALL AMERICANS BOTH GOP AND DEMOCRAT COULD ACTUALLY WITNESS THE CORRUPTION WITHIN, to have not allowed things to proceed and allow those traitors to expose themselves feeling they have won would not have allowed all Americans to see and understand what had occurred. Be patient all will be well. God is watching and guiding all.

  6. Pelosi…. Just thinks her S _ _ _.!!!!….. Doesn’t Stink and She Can Do What She Damn Well Pleases.!!
    Bust Her A * * .!!!! The Old Witch.!!! She has done nothing for this Country, but Waste the
    American’s Tax Paying Money on her Mickey Mouse Games…..Especially, Over the Past 4 Years in
    trying to bring down Trump…..She is a Worthless Piece of ______.!!!! A True, Pathetic, Waste of Space.!!!

    1. Now they see the hand writing on the wall but nothing can erase what they have done. To bad they were not strong enough to live up to their oaths and protect our country, our President and our people. A little to late to cry for help, no one is listening. They didn’t hear any of our cry’s for the truth about an illegal election but now they have to suffer the consequences or they could declare the election a fraud and put the rightful President back in the office instead of allowing them to TRY AND CRUCIFY him.
      Look at the damage they are doing to our country in a few short weeks. Can you imagine in even two years what they can do to

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