Tweet of the day: Mike Pompeo Makes Shock Announcement

It’s truly shocking that this even needs to be said.

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  1. Mr Trump needs to start another Party the Patriot Party for Americans can run on. The older republicans have sold us down the river. The young ones will find out that they will never get anything done because of the older ones will make sure of it

  2. Listen folks research this woman there are a whole host of Carl to learn. This web site edited me out 3 times now explaining some items ,guess who is on the political train here also.

  3. It’s a sad future to think that freedom of speech is being curtailed; but we will move on to fight for freedom;Trump is the best president in my whole lifetime( he will find a way & to hell to those who have deserted him; is this the beginning of the apocalypse & the USA the second Babylon? Signs of the second coming
    Of Christ? I hope the prophets are wrong; I don’t want to live to see it happen on my lifetime; take heed!

  4. Their fixing to start some _hit they can’t finish… Far left Militia + Right Wing Militiamen = Civil War. It’s going to get worse, be prepared…

  5. Kamala Harris is going to be a serious detriment to the Democratic Party and
    Joe Biden AND the American people.
    Her egotistical attitude about her personal
    and public life are always st the fore front
    to a point of sarcasm and giggling. Her
    act needs a complete overhaul and Biden
    will have a big problem keeping her in

    1. What do you expect from someone who got everything while laying down? Look into her history if it isn’t censored yet, there were pictures. And this is the VP?

  6. And just why is that so hard to understand for the left? Because they have accepted that they can only get what they want by suppressing conservative speech not to mention the MSM suppressing the ‘real’ news and slowly ‘helping’ them to form their ‘opinions’ Most Conservatives are capable of ‘critical thinking’ and making their own minds up as to what they believe and do not believe. In other words we are NOT ‘sheeple’.

        What Republicans do BEST
        We need a party that represents we the ppl!!!!

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