Tweet of the day: Mike Pence Stuns Media

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  1. If there weren’t the action of a few bad apples in the protest crowd the merits of voter fraud could have been discussed that day. Some protestors are just born idiots and they screwed up a great chance for facts and discussion of voter fraud to be discussed. Pence knew and he explained what his boundaries were and some people were just to much of an idiot to listen. The lack of discussion about voter fraud falls on the idiots that were to dumb to think of what was at stake. Don’t judge the 70+ million by these idiots. Unfortunately it’s not a private club and you can’t vet everyone that wants in.

    1. those few bad apples you are talking about were paid to do that by the democrats , to try and throw blame on Trump you need to wake up , your not seeing the big picture , but you will when it’s to late

      1. Of course the Democrats were behind it, and no telling how much Nancye herself paid them to do it. I hope just one of the idiots is smart enough to see that after they are no longer of any use to Nancye, they will be disposed of like trash. She is self centered and care none about the people who are stupid enough to continue to vote her in office. Can’t wait to see what happens when they figure it out. Talk about a riot!

    2. Pence should let Trump be pardoned. He deserves it. As much as he has done for the country and has put up with the Democrats since day one. His wife and kids should be pardoned to.

  2. Pence had better not betray our president . When he leaves the 20th send him with our blessings and love. He does not deserve what they have done to him. I ask the Lord to protect our president and may the Lord Bless Him in every area you decides to go. Walk with him and I am ashamed of the people we have placed in office “They are a shamed to the America Citizens of the United States of America.”

    1. I agree with you fully. President Trump has put his all into trying to drain the swamp for four long years. There are too many swamp creatures in D.C.
      What happened in the Capitol on Wednesday was disgraceful and interrupted the proceeding that was to look at election fraud. I pray that it will all come out someday soon. It looks like we will have to endure Biden-Harris for a term. I have much dread of that.


    1. True, but the Democrats set a trap for President Trump and the lying media helped them. I believe the Democrats invited antifa and blm to embed into peaceful protesters and start the madness

      1. I agree with you on the Dems paid for antifa to come. Even there date stamps of the conflict were before Trump started talking to the crowd. The Dems are going of the time he was too talk not the delayed time Trump got out there to give his speach.

      2. The investigation shows just that – Antifa got there early, dressed with MAGA hats and clothing to “look like” Trump supporters. Trump spoke late and long at the offsite rally so the real supports were late to the capital. This was staged by the Dumbcrats.

  4. Right now I am so mad at these IDOITS that rioted and ruined Trumps chanches of ever running again for president., Nancy Pelosi has been in office far too long and needs to be fired. She think she owns the country, ♥♥

  5. Our Great President and vice President have done a terrific job….our President didn’t want charo at the capitol building…..people have their own way of thinking..he had nothing to do with it…..notice how happy the news was it happened…..and the speaker….I say get rid of her….our President loves America and the American people…….You both have Done a Great Job….

  6. Main street Gazette has trigger words by using one in any response you get edited or not printed at all.You better talk like a preacher or your out,try and see!

  7. I have seen many many news interviews of Piglosi and if you watch her facial expressions and her eyes, you can plainly see that she is repeating a script that she has used for years to deny everything she is doing. She repeats the same lines again and again. I really think she is one of many who have been deeply brainwashed by the Deep State to have preset responses to these situations, they are probably not even aware that they are lying. The programming is so deeply imbedded in their subconscious. This stuff has been going on for years and it’s finally getting put out in the open. There are lots of such people in our government offices, also I believe state and local.

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