Tweet of the day: Is this what they call healing?

The Biden administration believes Americans are the enemy.

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  1. They do not want to give the American people the same protection. Spend big bucks on Congress members but not “we the people”. Our families will be in danger from promises made to these immigrants.

  2. Biden doesn’t know his “#@* from a hole in the ground” but he knows how to buy future votes. “Down with the fences and up with the illegals.”

  3. All scum in office now. They are very sick people. Look what China boy is doing. Harris is busy I m sure looking over the guys. She needs men in her
    life to get ahead. China boy is on his way out. Pray they all leave soon.

  4. We will soon feel the indignation of the world . The prophecies are all but complete.
    Babylon will soon be enveloped in darkness.
    An will know the wrath of GOD for turning our collective back on him .

    God help us , God help America .

  5. This is not Healing. It is causing an open wound that will fester until the wrong to the American people is made right again. Hopefully just at the ballot
    box and not in the streets. Those that voted these people in power have no right to complain. Not one bit. Suffer.

  6. I’m 80 years old and fear what my 5 children and 13 grandchildren are going to inherit if suppression, Social Media, Big Tech and the fraudulent Democrats continue to have their way w/ America! I’m glad I probably won’t be around to see it! RESCUE US, O LORD!!!

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