Tweet of the day: I can’t believe the NFL did this

This is why I stopped watching football.

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  1. Roger Gödel you are despicable to HONOR A individual who was died while trying to MURDER a LAW INFORCEMENT OFFICER ! HOW LOW can the NFL GET! So glad we no longer watch the GAMES hopefully more people will do the same & STOP! YOU GODEL NEED TO BE TERMINATED!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for speaking your truth Carol. I wish more people would be more genuine and speak the truth but the seem to be either too stupid or too lazy to get involved. I just hope that they can or will relearn the values that we Patriots have held for so long. We love everyone who is not a selfish hater.

  2. Just how completely, insane lunatics; are the NFL! They have 100%, lost there freaking minds! What little, of there minds; they had. In the first place!

  3. It’s like we saw ‘honor’ within the Nazi Army, but never knew them completely until we discovered the prison camps where the inmates died in unspeakable ways from cruelty and inhumane hard work, and the gas chambers! Hate what is bad ! And the same could be said about China and their political ‘Justice system’ where they just ‘harvest organs’ when ever they want. Maybe the Dems need to make the PRINT LARGER on their laws, so they can see them!! Jesus had words for these kind of people.
    —Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

    1. I am 75 years old and know what happened in Germany first hand. Somehow the truth, even with my own children has been beaten down and changed in the history books by the perverted writers and teachers and, unfortunately the haters. My Grandfather lost 11 of his siblings and yet managed to escape with a sister from the Concentration Camp. He must be rolling in his grave. I explained all of that to my children from an early age but now they do not believe it ever happened. How disgusting and fraught with lies is that? These people are just asking for the same horrors to occur again and yet they are too dumb or stupid or ignorant to realize it. He have the best President ever in office and yet these horrible, haters, led by Soros, who turned on his Jewish family and sided with Hitler is still trying to hurt his people and others who do not comply to his outlandish and perverted power. God please interviene and save us.

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