Tweet Of The Day: How On Earth Did Biden Win?

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31 Responses

  1. Fraudulent acts throughout the country by compromised individuals from elected people…or were they really elected????… on down! Courts refusing to even look at evidence or listen to the individuals who swore, under oath, they were witness to all kinds of cheating.

  2. Interesting seems that President Trump was right, they cheated that is the only way that Biden could have won

  3. Interesting article claims that big tech Silcone Valley and Microsoft have hundreds of mil!ions to Dems in battleground states. They in turn used the cash to hire Dem election workers, harvest votes, fill out votes in nursing homes, register non-qualified voters and back voting machines. We need to do the same!

  4. All I can say is if Biden does not like the way a Neanderthal thinks, then he should quit hiring them. Case in point Jen Psaki, if she circles back any more I will be getting dizzy.

  5. Remember HARRY RIED’S comment???? Well “we won didn’t we”? seems to me, more of the same from the DUMOCRATS!!!! They are who they are.

  6. We could make a deal that they wouldn’t have to go to hell if they tell the truth now. Unfortunately that isn’t how it works.

  7. The Democrats said this was the “Most Honest” election ever, and they won it.
    Kind of makes you wonder why they would want to change the rules.

  8. It’s quite evident how Biden won. The left cheated, and the election was stolen. I did question it for a while, but it’s been over 50 days since Biden won, and I have not for the life of me can find one positive comment or an approval response of one person on any of the social media sights. It’s Astounding that this man received 80 Million plus votes and not one positive comment is to be found.

  9. I’m not a rocket scientist but it doesn’t take one to see the corrupt Democrats were behind the biggest scam ever to be perpetrated on the American people,they had the media involved most of Hollywood and alot of Americas wealthiest people involved in on it

  10. how did they win? they cheated! and mail in voting made it so very easy. The scotus and VP Pence did not do their jobs. Certification was fraudulent also.

    No to mail in voting. No to month long voting time frames. Yes to VOTER ID!

  11. Biden NEVER WON!!!! They stole the election!!!! Hope everyone gets it at this point in the history of the United States of America…. the election was stolen!!!

    1. The real reason that they took Georgia was because they used the same voting machines that they used in the 2020 elections. Dominion and Smartmatic won the election not the candidates.

  12. As I have for months before the election had conversations with people I found that most of them think they have no need to get involved someone else should do it. Seriouly! Now that they are seeing the fruits of their lack of involvement and are slowly taken there F***ing heads out of there a**es are all upset. I now concluded we have more non informed, uninvolve, fack news, free loaders, don’t want to work, give me another stimulus check and hey lets to shopping. Screw the bills.
    The reality is starting to hit home and when the “free” NOT “free” money stops as far as I am concerned they can go
    F**k themselves. Those of you that are old enough remember the saying “If it isound too good to be true is isn’t” Well I clearly at an early age learned it was true. So we had a President who was NOT politically correct, who gives a crap, I certainly nor did many others care. It was refreshing to have someone in government speak in launguage we could all understand. Even better he talked, twitted and use ever method available to stay in contact with us the people he actually cared about. So I am so happy for those that made a wise decision to elect someone who is mentally incabible to fill the role and or position of his duty and people actually elected this person knowing full well of the facts. Now unless your in a comma it should be clear that the meaning of the word handler in fact means:

    “A person who handles” or better yet “Puppet” ” A person or persons manipulated by another or others.”

    I go by the pronoun? Are you kidding me are we that far out of touch we need to now introduce ourselves and add and I go by the pronoun ****. I am offened by this, I am offended by that. We ALL have a list of what offends us the chances of not offending someone is ZERO. Everyone is offended by something so get over it it’s that simple. Enough already record your complaints and listen to yourself and you may realize even you offend yourself.

  13. How can we get this bunch impeached? I would like to know and to follow and join an organization that would dismantle this bunch of crooks and get rid of them for good. They have done enough damage and don’t deserve any time to damage our country any more than already have.

    1. Mail in voting, what else ? And of course the voting machines.
      We the people must stand up to congress and take it to Supreme Court.
      If they grow some and do their job.

    Big difference – enjoy the destruction of our country – & this included a the inept GUTLESS JUDGES!!!!

  15. Biden did not Win!!!! The Election was Rigged and Stolen from our President Trump and The People.
    Now the DEMORATS want new Election Rules so they can continue on their destructive path to Destroying our Country. They haven’t done anything but dismantle everything good President Trump had in place. They have placed the People and America in Danger. Biden as we know is not doing his job. He hasn’t the mind to do so.Harris, Pelosi, Schumer,and Biden are running our Country. Biden and his Administration need to be Impeached Immediately and Removed from our White House and Capitol. They are all Deranged and very much a Dangerous group for the People and America.

    1. You are 100% correct. The democrats tried the impose the 25th amendment on Trump, why doesn’t the Republicans use this strategy on Biden before he gets his 100 days in.

    2. right, joe china did not win! furthermore; don’t overlook Susan rice, there are also others in the shadows. joe china is doing what he is told he wanted to be in the white house so bad he did what they all said to get to live there! he can’t run his own life let alone our country!

    1. We can’t blame Biden. After all he spent most of the campaign in his basement. The leaders / crooks of the DNC told Biden be quite and we’ll take care of the election and low and behold they did. So the DNC should be given the credit for stealing the election not Old Joe

      1. I agree, it’s Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and all the democrats leaders.
        They stole the election period. Karma to all of them criminals.

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