Tweet of the day: Fox reporter turns up the HEAT against Biden

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  1. Trump tried to drain the SWAMP, but found that it is as deep as the bedrock around Washington DC. Until we can elect people that fight for their people at home and not their pocketbook, we will never get back on an even keel. Why does it take a 19000 page bill to get 1400 dollars to the people in need, since they killed most of the jobs????

  2. Joe Biden is nothing but a demented puppet for the Democratic Party. He doesn’t have the knowledge or ability to make a sound decision and will do nothing but destroy this country.

  3. I have asked, MANY TIMES, if President Trump can be impeached twice on SHAM reasons, why can’t biden and obummer BOTH be impeached ON FACTS. OR, is it because they are card carrying members of the Deep South.??

  4. joe is not aware of what is going on or what the American people are saying or asking. I said it before, when you can say your piece and walk away without allowing dissent or follow up questions says something about joe, he is out of it. I thin camala is waiting to ensure joe’s signed EZ bounce the wrong way. Then she will step in someow and “save the day” but not until 100ks of Americans die or continue to suffer from the kids to the adults… and they (libtards and demonRATs to be clear) are taking us down as a nation because they hate orange man bad, and now they will go after the rest of us.

  5. Turn the heat so that clues joe sweeting brains out. What’s good republican it’s has be same for DEMS. Four years of this when trump was in office, now DEMS turn. HA HA , not just press secretary all so clues joe. Treat his wife the way did trumps wife nasty.

  6. Questions are being asked of Biden (through his public mouth piece) about things Biden has no clear opinion of. If a clear opinion is to be revealed, then go to the person(s) pulling Bidens strings. Biden is limited in his aility to form a decision by his ever-increasing dementia. We ask too much of “Where did you go Joe Biden?”.

    1. Biden can’t put together a cogent thought let alone a cohesive statement about anything he’s a groundhog day he came out he peaked around and now he’s going back underground

    2. Why are Obama/Biden not being impeached for the folowing;
      1. Fast and Furious a program run secretly by the U.S. government that sent thousands of firearms over an international border and directly into the hands of criminals
      2. The deaths of our men at Benghazi. . . to which,secretary of state, Hillary Clinton responded, “At this point what does it matter”?
      3. Shipping $150 BILLION of CASH!!!! on palletts to our nation’s greatest threat at the time, Iran, under cover of night so they could disseminate it to all our enimies thusly facilitating their attacks on our allies?

      1. Roberts ,

        I agree with you 100%.

        Also, Biden, Obama and Hillary were in the Oval Office and well aware of attempt, through a coup , to remove a sitting President. That’s treason!

      2. i have often wondered how these criminals can get away with all their criminal behavior including hillary clinton

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