Tweet of the day: Election shenanigans

This is the 2020 election in a nutshell.

4 Responses

  1. lock the bastards up / right there you know he is hiding something , people need to go to jail , threaten him with jail and watch how he squeals

  2. Looks like someone needs to be told what happens to those that break the law or help others doing so. That’s a conspiracy in the making. Federal time for all involved. Sorry to say this but I don’t think Joe Biden is going to help them. Good luck President Trump….4 more years

  3. Quid Pro Quo Creepy Pedo Commie Uncle Joe Won this election? a Dementia ridden 78. Year-old with one foot in China? 48.Years in Our Government, and what has he done? Besides living off You and Me. 8. Year as VP. the Crime Trio, Fast and Furious, Killed Americans in Bengathzie, They had to go, Knew too Much about the Creation and weaponising of ISIS. Dead men Don’t Talk. Sold Uranium to Putin, he sold it to Iran, a part of the Iran Nuclear deal agreement, Paid for by Money already Provided by NoBummer & Co. Their take. 500.MILLION. 200.M. to NoBummer, 150.M to Biden, 150.M. to Killary. But gave Muller 5.M. for Being the Delivery-Boy to Kremlin. Then Mueller gets another 50.M. to Investigate, Trump. That is the Deamonrats for You.!!

  4. Amen to all posts! These criminals need to be locked up, or executed for treason! Any other country would have dealt harshly with them a long time ago. What is wrong with us that we don’t demand justice for the biggest election theft of all time?

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