Tweet of the day: Dr. Fauci exposed

4 Responses

  1. I see just another corrupt individual. He has patents on vaccines, will make billions. He’s been pushing for 90% herd immunity because 90% is better than 60% in revenues for him. He gets a salary, gets to eat, has a feeling of power. I have no love for this little tyrant.

  2. Enough with Fauci. He should retire or be forced to retire. He loved Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. He voted for Bejing Joe. Everything he said was against President Trump, one of our greatest presidents that partnered with the pharmaceutical companies, to get a vaccine, never produced in less than a year’s time. Fauci said it never would happen. Fauci gave millions of US money to China to study the bat. Don’t we have enough scientists in this country to study the bat. Fauci thought it better to make China richer by giving China millions of dollars to perform this study. And now we see the results of China’s study with US money given to them by Fauci. We have a pandemic throughout the world. Millions of people have died from this pandemic brought on by Money given to China by Fauci. Get rid of this fake scientist. Ask him for his resignation and if he does not want to give his resignation, fire him.

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