Tweet of the day: Disturbing Biden Video Emerges

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  1. My comment is written above! However, every time I send something to you, I get the “Aw Snap, something went wrong”!

  2. You’re so right, Katherine. God has been watching the wickedness that has consumed America and He is very displeased and hurt. After making us the most blessed nation on earth, He has witnessed the most corrupt presidential election ever! While the true winner has been cast aside, an illegal president now sits in the White House and I don’t believe God is going to let this stand. He clearly saw the fraudulence that calls for correction by our citizens! Yet, since the wicked continue to deny their sin and our Supreme Court refuses to do thier job, I fully believe God Himself will intervene! I don’t know how or when, but He will see that justice is done! Because of the faithful, I further believe He will clean the swamp that is trying to destroy our country! While He is a loving God, He is also a vengeful God and the wicked will feel the wrath of His anger!


    1. No the dems are not sorry at all. This was their plan to ease biden out and put that horrible kamala in his place. She will be led as just another puppet to be used by the minions of satan to try and continue to destroy our America. When the liberal dems are done with her, she will be cast aside and down, and pelosi will step in. But—we have a God, an Almighty God who is watching everything and knows all of the evil corruption that is running like wildfire within our nation by those being used by demonic forces. Be aware people, “God is not mocked, nor is He a man that should lie, whatsoever a man/woman sows, that shall they also reap”.

  4. What a sad state of affairs, this was the best that the democrats had and they had to cheat to get him elected

  5. It seems every day we find one more part , section, or team running our country losing all semblance of common sense. I am beginning to think
    all our smart people who were also Patriots and were trying to stop the riots were discredited and have been pushed out and are no longer able to have any influence or power in restoring our once synchronized system of government. Our Fore-fathers were smart in that they tried to cover every little thing that could go wrong, with a back-up plan.
    Do you think it is possible that the rioters, and the groups that have been paid to come to our cities to burn , disrupt and kill have made it now
    impossible for us to go forward with the remarkably sane plans and laws our Constitution once provided us with? Pres,Trump certainly tried to use what was available to us and to him to defend our Freedoms and our Laws and order. He constantly offered it to the Govenors of the states and they refused all help. Also, when the police were able to arrest and put those guilty in jail. Our famous VP and her counter parts went to get them all out of jail.. IMMEDIATELY! They were not kept or punished at all.
    You see, YOU SEE JUSTICE WAS STOPPED COLD.! This has given license to the radicals, they are set and ready to go again in a moments notice. WHY, you may ask? Because they are no longer afraid , they know that they will get away with all of it. Our leaders have been stripped of their power to defend the people and stop the Criminals. The criminals instead, have been emboldened and are no longer afraid or retribution.
    Our good politicians no longer have the confidence to go forward and put an end to the out of control lawlessness allowed . IF the law had been followed as intended in our Constitution, we would be in much better circumstances right now this moment. The WHOLE SYSTEM HAS BROKEN DOWN…. PRES. TRUMP WAS ILLEGALLY THROWN OUT. BLESS THIS MAN WHO NEVER GIVES UP EVEN WHEN ALL OTHERS HAVE.

  6. It’s amazing this is the best guy we have in the country that has so many great people in it
    we can do better
    somethings just don’t make sense and because there is so much hatred for Trump that is why Biden got elected and that’s the only reason

    1. The only reason biden got elected was they cheated with the ballots….He is an ILLEGAL President….By all legal accounts Trump was the legal winner.

  7. Biden doesn’t know who he is, where he is, or what he’s doing. Remove him, Harris, and Pelosi from office before anybody gets killed by this incompetent and evil trio. Bring back Trump!

  8. How can anyone believe that Biden is making any decisions at all?
    He is the ‘figure head’ of the “Committees” so all blame is on Biden.
    This is the most horrible crime. I want his wife to explain how she
    allowed this to happen. Dementia at this level, does not just start.
    It has been ongoing for a few years.

  9. I pray there is still time to save his soul before he was lost. Because what he’s done to American people is a major sin.

    1. James, he’s had LOTS of help getting to his un-elected position. Our government needs to be cleansed from the top down and bottom up. Hopefully peacefully and within the laws.

      1. How can his family continue to expose him when they now he has serious cognitive problems. Power and Money, for sure no love disgraceful. I can no longer watch his destruction of America and Harris will be worse!

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