Tweet of the day: Dictator Biden is terrifying

This is what “healing” looks like?

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  1. We need a redo on all this before we are not able to even get any work. This dic is not put there to tell us how to talk, think or even walk. Go back to your bat cave and get it together.

    1. I do so agree, Joey is a puppet to Obumer, Piglos, Schi// Schumer and Commie Harris. If anything happens to Trump 5 or 6m of us should go to DC and have a good long talk with these people. By the way I do think at that time the cops and the military will be with us.

      1. This POS website just canceled my post to you, Putts42
        I was saying that I agree with your comment about this crook being a puppet
        Of course, O bama, Schumer, P e l o s I, Holder
        but let’s not forget Valerie J a r o t !!!!!
        Nobody talks about her anymore… I wonder why !????

      2. Let’s just hope that the crooks will not go that far to do something that stupid ( I’m referring to that “ drone” idea !!!!

  2. Stop Biden. If Trump signed even one executive order, the Democrats would be looking into articles of impeachment. We’ll never get rid of the double standard for Democrats until we get rid of the Rinos who don’t want their corruption exposed by you and the other honest Republicans.

    1. We need to attack (in physical non negative ways). Cooperate with others, make plans, support each others, and get RID OF THE SCUM. THE DEEP STATE!!!!!! Please, help us find a means to get our own web page so we can unite.

      1. What good is a website? It’s just a lot of talk. We need action. Physically take down every liberal news facility, take down Amazon, Facebook, Twitter. Take out Sorose and other leftist money suppliers. Cut off all in and out routes to DC. But the military must be on our side.

      2. YES !!!!!
        We need a conservative Web to communicate
        with each other and get away from all these Pravda like KGB style websites

    2. I do so agree, Joey is a puppet to Obumer, Piglos, Schi// Schumeryes and Commie Harris. If anything happens to Trump 5 or 6m of us should go to DC and have a good long talk with these people. By the way I do think at that time the cops and the military will be with us.

      1. Why wait for something to happen and then talk to them, get off your dusty and come up with something we can do now.

  3. The fact that this quid pro quo president is not impeached for the ukraine issue. Anything and everything he does now is questionable if it’s legal. As long as the narrative continues without addressing these issues, Biden is not a legal standing president. We are all demanding justice! United We Stand G-D Bless America.

    1. Biden is a puppet of the out of control Left. He is not capable of Presidential duties, that is why he signs the Executive Orders handed to him by the Shadow Government, IE the Swamp. The Radical Liberals have taken over our country and what was supposed to be the Republican Party have been infiltrated effectively rendering them to weak and unwilling to stop them. If this criminal lunacy is to be stopped it is entirely up to the people to take back the country. If we do not take a stand immediately and demand a voice in the decisions of our political system it will be to late to act. The only remaining alternative is a Civil War of which no one will be the winner, only total destruction of what little is left of Democracy. I am calling on all concerned, Stand up and Speak up NOW!

  4. If Trump couldn’t override Obama’s DACA executive order, then how can Biden override all of Trump’s executive orders?

  5. And if you believe that I have some more swamp land for sale somewhere. Just think they want to make Washington DC a State, what other cities want to become a state?

  6. We serve a living God who wants truth righteousness and justice to be in earth So the left should be very careful and consider their ways.They need to repent

    1. I find it amazing how conservatives can quote scripture and tell the Democrats to repent. The Bible tells us we are all sinners and must repent. We all are but filth rags and should be burned in the fire. It also tells us, “Judge not lest we be judged “. Our own judgment will be measured in the same way we judge others. Genesis chapter 11, verse 4, tells us, even the animals must give an account of their lives. So no one is going to get off. We who believe in Jesus Christ must confess our own sin and turn away from sin and pray. Jesus said, “If my people, who are called by my name (Christian’s), will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven, forgive you’re sins, and heal your land “.

  7. Biden and his staff should be tried for Treason. Biden never told the American people what he would do. That is the problem. Biden was not honest and went behind the backs of the American people. When he did talk to us, he lied. That is Treason.

  8. want to pat the believers on the back for thinking that Biden would live up to his promises– he is just another LIAR that made up things so he can be Number 1– not the whole country will suffer for it –think about that and then when when the Vice takes over because he is declared NUTS we will really suffer —

  9. Our so called president is a puppet for the left, he has not really done anything good so far, about all he has done is causing a lot of people losing their jobs and undoing the good things that President Trump did. A very sick and sad state of affairs we find our selves in, but we have no-one to blame but ourselves

  10. Dems need to be eliminated one way or another. Their total lies are a slap in the face and a revolt should take place with our military leading the way. Load all the prime suspects in a truck then blow it up- that would be a good start.

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