Tweet of the Day: Democrats Are STEALING Your Money – Here’s The Evidence

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  1. Liars and cheaters, anything but honest politics from these people. They want our money so bad they should be sent to prison and get it through theirs stupid stimulus payment checks. That’s where they all belong anyhow.

  2. BO stopped Soc. Sec for 3 years………Just so he could help feed, house, and give $$$$ to his illegals…..DEMS/RINOS have always made sure that the LEGAL CITIZENS would pay for those illegal killers, rapists, robbers, drug dealers and keep welfare alive and prosperous for the next onslaught…………

    Sure hope you LIBS love the fact that you may never be able to have Soc. Sec. because they need that $$$$ for those illegals (welfare) that are going to be living in your neighborhoods. They will also be getting Medicaid……You will be paying for that too.

  3. That’s all they’ve ever done with their tax and spend mentality. How long has it been since they’ve actually produced a budget?

  4. Why am I not surprised the democrats love to raise taxes and spend the money on things that do help the average American they are sick people

  5. Why are democrats so hell bent on destroying the USA that they were born & raised up in?? Do they hate their own children and future grandchildren so much they can’t see what these Evil Corrupt decisions will do to their OWN Families???

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