Tweet of the day: Chilling News For Pelosi – It’s Not Over

Ron Johnson isn’t giving up – Pelosi won’t like the sound of this.

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  1. Nancy Pelosi is responsible for security at the capitol not President Trump. She purposely let the riot happen on Jan 6th so she could blame Trump. The extreme hate she has for Trump is unbelievable. She should be held accountable for intentionally framing a sitting President and putting the American people thru two phony impeachment fiasco’s…. Why is it that no one,for the last four years,has the backbone to pursue this criminal plot to take down an innocent man without due process of law.

  2. I want to know why no one has brought up a petition to Congress to arrest and charge the Pelosi gang? Is it not the right of the people to petition Congress to redress and impeach those that the people see committing crimes against the citizens of this nation?

  3. What I’ve been trying to say is, As well as the Main Street Gazette, if you are interested in Pres Trump and all things this Election?…..Check out a podcast of
    Brad Barton @ Triumph News Network! As well as Bit Chute, which has several good podcasts like HR22, SGT, etc, that are on top of the Trump situation right now. Now we’ll see if they will post this?

  4. Pelosi failed in her job to insure that the capital was secure, to cover this up she had the states send in the National Guard to protect the capital, what a poor excuse she is, she needs to answer for her lack of action impeach her

  5. The person responsible for capital security is the speaker of the house. This person knew days ahead that trouble was coming on Feb. 6. The FBI informed the house. Why was security drawn down before Feb. 6?

  6. Yes, Senator Ron Johnson, The people need to get to the bottom of what really happened that day and Nancy Pelosi is the head of it. I agree with everyone on this page that the right gets hit with every little move that is made but the left get off easy. There is so much corruption on the left and there needs to be a lot of cleaning up done. I can’t ever remember seeing how much control one side can have in my whole life. Something has to be done.

  7. The whole thing was stage! Pelosi planned it along with Mith Mcconnell. Every DEMONCRAT ARE GUILTY of breaking the CONSTITUTION LAWS! Don’t try it! If you have never read the CONSTITUTION LAWS! First this was planning out over the SUMMER! They funds ANTIFA and BLM to PROTEST DURING George Floyd death. BUT WHERE THE PROTESTER IN 2009? Tony Timpa was kill by KNEE ON HIS NECK IN DALLAS TEXAS! I’m not a genius or a fool! But I do keep up with the media NARRATIVE! When they FAILED TO GIVE FAIR TREATMENT TO WHITE VICTIMS OF BLACK KILLING! They USE black people like they have been doing since 1968! Because RACISM SYSTEMIC WAS CREATED BY THESE POLITICAN IN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!

  8. This is spiritual warfare, my friends, good vs evil. It’s only a matter of time before good overcomes this satanic force that we the people are confronted with. We know most of them and they are aware of this fact. So, they will try to do as much destruction to America and its people by destroying our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in any way they can, but it all will come back to haunt the perpetrators…they will not win!11

  9. This is a question:
    Can the American citizens bring charges against all those who brought impeachment twice against Trump to get the money back they spent on these false charges ?? They brought the false charges and should pay for it not the American citizens !!!

    1. I believe that you may be right. There is a way to bring charges by the people. It is called a petition, if one is drawn up by the people and signed by many people, (millions) the Congress will have no choice but to do as requested by the people.

  10. And Sleepy and the Ho elected by FRAUD and nothing being done! Except they are trying to have election laws changed so they can continue their FRAUD without worry

  11. Could we have a dual trial of Fancy Pewlousy and her nephew Greedy Nuisance (Californicate) Governor? Family nest of thieves and wanna be dictators cleared out!

  12. The laws are only applicable to keep the GOP under control.
    No Dem’s will ever be convicted again. There is no laws applicabble to them.

  13. This is why we need term limit, Pelosi is bulldozing through: “Freedom of Speech” “The right to bear Arms” etc. etc. and the spineless Republicans let her do it they want to be reelected. Democrats at this point they are not for the American voters, no border walls: criminals, drug trafficking. Immigrant should enter this country legally, it is like my door is open and anyone can enter my house, crazy, stupid and dangerous!
    At this point Pelosi lead the stampede with the others who are communist, Biden dos not have enough brain or does not care, he is finally got to be an illegal president, this is all he cares even if he destroys this country who stand for freedom and justice for all!

  14. Never happen. No prosecution of HRC. Comey, Page, Strzok, Brennan, Flapper, Swallwell or Hunter and the crime syndicate boss illigitimate/geriatric Joe. They all walk free.

  15. We the people are really tired of the Republican GOP party not having the backbone to stand up for the American people’s rights

  16. For me it is clear. The Democratic party is nolonger democratic. It is becoming very clear that it favors a dominant central government of States’ Rights of control.
    The skulduggery of democratically controled States exposes this trend. These States have changed voting rules without due prossess as just one example.

  17. Republicans need to stay strong n standup for what’s right n hold the dems accountable for their lies, corruption n the cheating of the American people!! Dems have abused their power n now it’s time for a major change!! God help us to MAKE N KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

    1. You are right and the Republicans that voted to impeach are no longer Republicans so they just need to go the other direction NEVER VOTE FOR THEM AGAIN. RICHARD BURR OF North Carolina We are so ashamed of you so leave with a shame on your head and no longer represent your self as a Republican. Call him and tell him how sorry he is

      1. You’re an idiot!! Move out of America if you think it’s so bad!!
        I’ll even start a go fund YOU page to get you a one way ticket to China!!! Good riddance to a POS Liberal!!!!

      2. Where have you been, hiding under a rug? This nation has been and will be the greatest nation on earth. Get with it or pack your bags and leave. No need for you!

  18. If she is implicated in the riots, is she not also guilty of insurrection and treason, let alone a violation of her oath of office?

    1. She must be charged with treason, with as speedy a trial as she imposed on President Trump. We, the American citizens of this great United States, DEMAND her arrest, immediately

      1. I agree that she should be removed immediately and arrested. The trial on the other hand should not be done without getting all the ducks in a row. It was obvious to the people that the breach at the capital was planned and played out to make it look like the patriots were the ones guilty. The fake cops were in on it and allowed the players to enter easily. I do not believe America was fooled by it. If it had been real than yes it would have been a horrible thing to do. In politics many innocent people are thrust into the fire pit for the money to be made by those in power. It’s all about who controls the kingdom. Pretty soon it will be all in the hands of China.

        1. I agree, it was all planned and Nancy Pelosi and Biden with their other cohorts were all responsible. They need to do a deep and thorough investigation. We’re not idiots. It’s crystal clear!


    3. I don’t understand how all these democrats can get away with all these threats and riots and lies and cheats and nothing is done. Representatives should be stripped of their seats and pulled from all committee positions. Omar, talb, waters, Johnson are all against america

      1. Because our government has become a dishonest Government because of people like Pelosi and it needs to be cleaned up. And then we bring in a false president we all know he did not win.
        We need to clean house

      1. Nancy probably created the riot just to make the best President (President Trump)we ever had Look bad she should be punished now before she has the rest of our country in the same situation as California.

        1. President Trump has done so much for this country…the best it’s ever been. WHAT shame that our President was subjected to haters trying to cancel him. I pray he runs in 2024 and gets 2 more terms out of it. God bless President Trump🇺🇸

      2. Dr.You are a demented fool !!!
        Keep drinking that alcohol made in the mountain. and you will find out!!!!

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