Tweet Of The Day: Biden Video From 2007 Emerges – This Is Damning

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  1. My cut on this is that 2020 indicates that the democrats have perfected election fraud. Not only that but the money folks discovered exactly who and how to use their power for that purpose. The legislative and judicial system were both bought and paid for. I guess you could say that 2020 was the “perfect storm” that brought down America. I am retired and intend volunteering to watch my voting precinct closely. Not to make sure Republican interests are protected but to make sure of the integrity of the vote is protected.

  2. Just the TYPICAL “DirtocRATs'” change of minds! 110% contradictions of their previous opinions/statements cause them not the SLIGHTEST bit of difficulty or consternation! Whatever works FOR them WHENEVER is fine; if AGAINST them, anathema, condemnation, vilification!!!

  3. He knows all about it. He did say that he had the greatest voter fraud system when running for president. I believe him. It worked.

      1. Election integrity HAS TO BE our first and foremost concern for all future elections! Just hoping our country is still standing by 2024! Just as a precaustion I’m going to learn Mandarin!

    1. Too true, they’re very good at deflecting….don’t look there, look over here. Reality check, almost every word out of a politicians mouth is recorded in one form or another, just look it up, you’ll find it.

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