Tweet of the day: Biden rumors were 100% true – this is bad

If you thought Biden was going to be horrible, you were right.

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  1. Thanks ‘anonymous’ but looks like Biden will try to get all the trustworthy news centers out of biz, and keep his Democrat theorist media going

  2. Biden is just a puppet for the people who want to destroy this nation he has no business be president, but remember that God is in control

  3. Well, it appears official…the democrats have now drawn a line in the sand. They want America converted to communism asap. So evidently, as they say “It’s On” my fellow Free American Patriots. I have faith in the True Americans 100% to overcome this attempted coup. But, I will never get why Democrats are choosing communism.
    Oh well, as I said it appears “It’s On”. So let us proceed peacefully with what we have to do. We are dealing with truely sick and deranged individuals. So take care friends.

  4. This retarded moron in the oval office has & is only a puppet of the left. I believe his position has been planned all along in that harris was to replace him & soros communists are behind all or most of the trouble ahead. Pelosi & her family, which soros is a part, can only destroy our great country. Their greed & power hungry ambition will only bring disaster.

  5. The democrats are trying to shutdown Newsmax Oan & others to try & stop the truth from coming out.
    We all know that Trump won the election & they know he won it.
    They are so paranoid that they will be found out (and we already know that they stoll the election) that they are willing to do anything to keep it hush-hush.
    Thank God we still have 1st amendment.

  6. Now they are saying fox needs to be removed.cnn is the comie democratic spew factory.brain dead Biden needs removal before our country is a back water stink hole.who the f voted for biden.oh thats right not many as they fixed that also.

  7. won’t do any good tp appeal to the surpremes-they won’t even look at the evidence on the election debacle!J Hyde

    1. Not just Biden but Hitler Harris as well. She is worse. She is anti Christian .what you see in California is what we are heading if we the people needs to go to work and stop this. MAGA is by the people for the people can make the changes. Stop listening to the media luke CNNABC CBS NBC .Turn of the TV and radio once they give the news or other things. This how they turn you into what they want believe. They think we are stupid. Stand up for your Right


  9. HOw about this folks?! We have a “President” who is doing everything he can think of to DESTROY THE USA AND TURN IT INTO A WORTHLESS ANTI-CHRIST KILLING MACHINE. I suppose all of his voters like what they are seeing…..they are so stupid they will never grasp the concept that destruction can harm the doers as easily as it harms the ones the leftists despise. What they do not grasp, stupid idiots, is that they, too, could be in deep, DEEP trouble.

    1. Ditto, Kathy!! You are echoing every thought and sentiment of the 75M and higher Trump voters! We need leaders, we need to act to throw out all the corrupt House and Senate reps who do NOT vote the will of our people! How much longer are we going to tolerate Biden, Harris, Pelosis, Schumer, et al, shredding our constitution?!!

  10. We can not allow the democrats to silence us. Anyone in their right mind can see that ! wanting to shut down the news channels that tell the news like it is, We can not allow this to continue !!!!

      1. I agree …. we all need to write to our representatives and tell them to say NO to all the Bills that are being introduced. EVERY Republican elected official needs to go on ALL TV and Radio stations to talk about all this. They need to raise their voices.

      2. Yes but who is going clean the nasty swamp. We need Trump back soon. We need to bury all of the The Executive orders

    1. He turned it from the Oval Office to the Evil Office…need to take back the Resolution Desk from that pretender to the throne.

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