Tweet of the day: Biden lied, children cried

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  1. No he got himself into the WH by stealing the votes needed to win. A person who on a good day got at most 200 at a rally and we are to believe that he won the election fair and square. Now I read the Kamala Harris is talking to all the foreign dignitaries. Why is that. Is Biden just sitting in the WH? I wouldn’t doubt that.

  2. Hi All,
    I am not a US citizen and do not live in the USA.
    I feel sorry for you all you are going to be in big trouble because so many people in the USA have gone stark raving MAD.
    I see people believing that men can become women and women can become men just by wanting it to be so.
    This is really crazy and they seem to be becoming the majority, just now you will be living in a lunatic asylum, run by people who want to make it legal to murder babies up to the day of birth.
    Sorry but that is how it looks from outside

  3. Tweet says “little joey lied and children cried”. Can anyone, anywhere actually tell us JUST ONE TIME when they know he spoke the truth?????

  4. Trump was the best. He delivered on his promises and definitely made this country a better place. I’m sorry A. Roberts couldn’t see that and instead chose to vote in a man who has obvious dementia. You may not have liked his manner but did you ever really look at the platforms of of both parties? The left believes in big government and deciding what is best for us rather then letting us decide for ourselves. They believe in abortion up to and including birth (which is plain and simple murder), choking regulations on business except for the big tech companies who can and do censor us anytime they want if they don’t like what we write. They want to take away all our guns so that we can’t fight back or protect ourselves from the mobs they think are so “woke”. They have shut down our energy supply routes which will make gas and oil much more expensive and also puts people out of work. These are just a few of the things the dems believe in that are making our country less safe and more expensive. I didn’t even mention the illegal immigrant problem. So you see A. Roberts, you couldn’t be more wrong. These are all things we Republicans have worked against because it’s not what Americans want or need.

  5. Donald Trump was the best President ever and he did what he could, he diffinantly got the vaccines in less than a year. Y’all just wait and see what the USA looks like in 4 year’s.

    1. There won’t be a United States in 4 yrs. We will be in a civil war if Biden keeps up ignoring Americans for illegals.

  6. Talking about Trump again? Probably the biggest falsehood teller in American history of President’s, especially when it come’s to the Corona 19 Virus. He is personally responsible for the deaths of thousand of innocent men, women and children when it comes to his pompous attitude of the virus being a “hoax”, “it will go away in couple of weeks”, “we are rounding the corner”, and many more lies. I got tired of hearing those comments over the television and radio for too many months, For a person who “know(s) more than the General’s”, who knows more than the medical professionals, who knows more than anyone else, he knows nothing but how to create untrue statements for his own benefit. When he “buddy’s up to the very persons who would like to do destroy the country Ex-Pres. Trump took an oath to defend, there is a serious problem.
    It could be worse, but the truth is, Donald J. Trump only believes in himself and everything else if just “fake” to him. Ask any of his resigned appointees and they will tell you the same thing. Go ahead, ask them!!
    I didn’t vote for Pres. Biden because I liked him, I voted for him because he was, and still is, in my opinion, the better person, in more ways than one, for the Office of The President of The United States of America.

    1. You obviously dislike Trump. You favor Joe Biden. Dislike Mr “You’re Fired” and Favor “Lying Joe”. If lies decide what directs your vote then you are in trouble. Lying is what politics do as a Matter of Course, so which one do you believe. Yor next president (harris) will be a real charmer too!

      1. Biden, Harris and Pelosi must be removed from our United States of America government. They are destroying our country.

    2. in other words you like voting for a communist pedophile like Biden over a President who did everything to improve America! You really need to recheck your priorities in life! The Democrats are the Communist Party now!

    3. Tell that to the people that lost their jobs on day one of #46 administration. He also opens our borders to illegal immigrants and will be receiving free medical, food just to name a few. Plus he is giving China access to America’s power grid. Why?

    4. You need to check your facts, 90% of deaths there were medical problems with these people who tested positive for COVID so itgot blamed in COVID I had it flu like symptoms for 3days it’s a fact more people died from flu than from COVID to date. You can’t believe the media, biden a pedophile, Harris is nothing but a whore, you keep the faith of trusting these people America is going down the toilet cause of them first day in office he put over 11,000 out of work with keystone pipeline, now your going to pay for all these illegals he letting into the country, 500 million to keep national guard in Washington what the hell is the matter with you

    5. You are such a nasty liar and the truth is not in you
      Biden is a corrupt lying demented old fool and so are you

    6. Try paying attention to the thousands of jobs that Biden has already taken away and how many of those jobs were given to illegals I don’t see Biden doing anything about the virus and kids are losing their education. By the time Biden is out of office we’ll have a country of illiterates the man is also attacking retired people who thought they’d be ok .,wake up .

    7. Are you watching the numbers? Over 70,000 have died under Biden’s watch he’s letting illegals in that haven’t been checked for COVID so how much does this nut case care about the American people. As long as his criminal family is taken care of he could careless.

    8. Biden will go down as the worst president in our history and really is not running the country…he is being controlled by the far left. Harris will take over and she is even worse than Biden, if that is possible. If you don’t see that then you have blinders on or you are being paid by someone to make your comments.

    9. Wishing you many MS-13 gang members living next door. Hope you don’t have any daughters. Biden is killing the wall…he will have blood on his creepy hands.

    10. Robert you need to get in the real world, Donald Trump was & always will be the best person for this country. Biden is nothing but a criminal & a lying basterd, he would not no the truth if it hit him in his hard head, Biden is not for this country, but he is a China Criminal.

    11. Your just as much a fool as Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the rest of these dems. No common sense.
      What goes around comes around. As what you say would be true, then your only thinking of yourself as well.

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