Tweet of the day: Biden just proved he hates Americans

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22 Responses

  1. Biden is just a pawn for the left, I did not vote for him or any democrat, never will if they hate this country why don’t they just leave

  2. Nobody has to worry about voting Biden out in 2924 because Kamala H. is running for president and Pete B. Is running for vice president. Those two will be alot worse than Biden. We need a Republican President back in.

  3. That’s about true. The are two state governors in Texas and Oklahoma that are writing executive orders to overturn King Biden’s executive orders. Brilliant just brilliant.

    1. Hurray for them. Hope they can get more to follow. Must get rid of Pelosi and Biden. Both hate us except for our money that they want to take away from us and put in their pockets. They want to do away with the Republican party so Biden can be our dictator. Heaven help us all!!!!! There goes our great country.

  4. What can we say, as a nation we let this happen by our indifference to the events unfolding in front of us. This did not happen overnight, it’s been going on for more than 20 years since Pelosi in the House and McConnell in the Senate. If there were term limits (like the President) these corrupted powerhouses would never happen and dictating policy by powerful emotions would not happen ( like Pelosi against Trump). We did this to ourselves by re-electing these types of characters to public office.

  5. So blind. They have to keep President Trump in the news so they can destroy our Republic and Market based Economy within the first 100 days. The stock market tells the story, marginal gains and losses, just waiting to see what happens.

  6. Economy 101. And Politics 101.
    You don’t represent the American People when you leave the border open! You don’t represent the American People when you stop the pipeline. You don’t represent the American People when you allow Trans men to compete in women’s sports!

    Undoing the previous administration’s policies does not make any sense at all based on you dislike for the man!


  8. If someone hates America SO much, they are more than free to LEAVE. Go somewhere with your hate buddies and turn all that hate on each other, NOT AMERICA.

  9. I wonder what would happen if all of United States citizens would all of a sudden would withhold our taxes for the year and not purchase any thing for just two days just to show we control them and not the way they think.

  10. Democrats are the Anti-American party. Proof is in everything Biden is doing with his pen. Remember when Obama said he had a pen? This is Obama II on steroids. American’s will remember the damage this administration imposes on the citizens of this great country. We will also remember what the media did to help the Liberal agenda and the hatred the spewed about ands towards President Trump, the real Republicans and the disgusting lies they repeatedly told Americans every day to dismiss our vote and sway public opinions against Trump. This is a war between GOOD and EVIL. Thankfully, GOD is in control and GOOD always wins out in the end. Let’s hope that the Dem’s are stopped from creating to much havoc on the American citizens.

    1. I certainly hope you are right but I don’t share your optimist. Democrats can do a lot of damage through Biden and I fear that there will be little to save or spare in 4 years.

  11. Let Americans vote about where our tax money goes! And stop pulling money out of SS!! That money should be left alone! Any republicans that vote to impeach Trump again?! Is a democrat! Term limits and cut their pay in half! They should never get rich at this job!

      1. I think Biden will pull money out our investments and SS to pay for all of his programs. Hopefully we will stop him in 2022 and vote him out in 2024. I personally think he hates us or he is severely demented. Some dementia patients become very mean as the disease progresses. In any case, he needs to be gone.

        1. “I personally think he hates us or he is severely demented.” you say ? I think he does hate us and is seriously demented. There is nothing wrong with being demented if it’s due to natural causes (like old age). What’s wrong is that he is the president, either through fraud or clean and clear elections.

    1. My sentiments exactly, you hit every one of these issues right on the head. The problem is ‘we the people’ no longer have a voice on capitol hill, so none of these ideas will be rectified.

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