Tweet of the Day: Biden is creating massive carnage in his first 72 hours

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  1. For all you loyal Trump followers, the next 2 years will undoubtedly be frustrating. But it was obvious what was coming when the Courts, federal governments and state governments refused to listen and act on the failed election. The Dems are going to slosh thru their own crap. Unfortunately so will all the conservatives (mostly republicans and many many Trump supporters) will have to slosh through it too. I expect things to take a change for the better after the 2022 elections when many Rinos and Dems get replaced by trustworthy Republicans.

    1. If the democrats up and down the ballot were able to steal the Oval Office, and the entire Congress, they’ll cheat, and steal in 2022, to win it all again. Do you think millions of MAGA voters would vote a split ticket, and vote for democrat candidates in their states? HELL, NO! Those seats were stolen, and for decades, too. Don’t fool yourself!

      1. Were currently sliding down on a “Greased Flag Pole” . . . heading for the SH-T. We “Can’t” WAVE or SALUTE ! ! ! an it only gets “Worse” from here !

      1. Follow the Constitution……It tells us that we can rid the US of all terrorists whether domestic or foreign…….Being that the DEM/RINO politicians are domestic………..and they are trying to destroy the US, that makes them terrorists……….Getting rid of those terrorists will be a pleasure.

        1. Who are you to judge as to who is worthy to see God?? The only one who can judge us is God, and HE will!!!

  2. You cannot elect someone with dementia. Did you expect him to get better over night? What you did was a danger to the country. It is SHAMEFUL & STUPID!!!!!

  3. I don’t know how much more of this stupidity America can take.
    There are to seed lines in the world, Adams’ and
    The Devils’

    Wheat and tares
    God will separate us!
    God have mercy!

  4. We have witnesses the first in a future of show elections, just like in every other dictatorship.
    Mark Twain said it best when he said that if our votes mattered they wouldn’t allow it.
    Our Constitutional Republic & rule of law will become a fond memory to some unless our military acts to defeat this act of war by several belligerent nations and their treasonous allies within our own local, state, & federal governments and the oligarchy.
    If We the People act it will be bloody on all sides. Military force will keep the peace to a large extent.

  5. Somehow…..WE THE PEOPLE…..of this Country – NEED to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK…..from the Dishonest and Despicable Democrats. Evil People of their
    kind…..need to be taken out behind he barn. Wake Up People of American – ESPECIALLY – You Idiots that Voted a DECEITFUL PRESIDENT and V.P. into the Whitehouse………… Two Disgraceful Humans, who are ONLY GOING TO BRING THIS COUNTRY DOWN……

  6. Not sure how things will get back on track for this Country……WHEN – We Don’t Even Have a HONEST JUDGE IN THIS COUNTRY.!!!! Looks like ALL of them ARE ON THE TAKE……BEING PAID UNDER THE TABLE….. So, Much for Their Pathetic Oaths to Uphold the Law of this Country.!!!! They Are ALL Pathetic… is Biden and Harris. The Whole Group of Democrats are TRAITORS to this Country…..AND NOBODY IS DOING “ANYTHING”….ABOUT IT.!!!

  7. It is time to demand voter ID, we have less than 2 years to fix this sham. Only verified voter ID holder should be allowed to cast a vote in any election.
    There is no excuse for not having a voter ID, it could be given at DMV just like getting a drivers license or an State ID card. Lets stop this voter fraud from
    happening in every election.

  8. No need to vote if the deminion voting machine are used. They only read democrat votes. So all stay home now. twit and facistbook will help the biden gang take total control. Unforunatly we are all feeding these creatures by staying on their platfoam. Call someone some time.

  9. I was trying to warn you but noooo you voted your way any how and would cannot believe a thing the Republicans said.

  10. I’m worried our military is not doing anything to stop this. They the democrats are destroying our country. If it were China here destroying our land and killing people would they stop them? It’s the military that is supposed to protect us from domestic terrorist. What are they waiting for? THE MILITARY IS NOT PROTECTING US FROM THIS ADMINISTRATION.SITTING BACK AND WATCHING THESE PEOPLE DESTROY US.
    They are not supporting or standing behind the oath they took to protect us. SAD TIMES IN AMERICA

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