Tweet of the day: AOC won’t recover from this one

And as a bonus, here’s a great thought from one of my favorite conservatives:

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  1. AOC is an idiot. She couldn’t do the jobs I had to do in my life. She would still be crying. Working double shifts was a way of life, so my kids could have things they needed not things they wanted. She for dam sure couldn’t have handled 2 years in Vietnam.

    1. No she wouldn’t have survived in ‘Nam !!! We knew how to take care of bad leadership.
      I served under a sargeant who was in the Normandy invasion. EVERYONE listened to him….he brought 3/4 of his men through that action. He got more than a few 2nd leueys written up.

  2. Why do we allow unqualified people to run for the most important political jobs in our country? Business hires workers on the basis of ability to perform the function they are hired to do. I understand that the government must have open and free elections allowing the citizens of the US to elect by vote those candidate’s applying for a position to perform critical functions in our government. Business’s hire on the basis that a potential employee has the skills to perform his or her job. We the people hire our politicians through the vote. We determine who we feel is good for the country by the promises they make. The government cannot interfere with the election and we sometimes end up some real deadbeats. That is why we need to install term limits on these positions. Senators 2 terms House 4 terms .

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