Tweet of the day: Another Trump enemy RESIGNS – Good Riddance

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    1. jennifer horn typical demorat or rhino republican. This is the true colors of these sickos. This why I will never support the communist demorat republican party again.

      Time to start the PATRIOT PARTY President Donald J Trump. NOW !

    2. you’ve been served. now you know who she is. and why she really quit. they are all dirty. maybe even including you? mmmm mayvbe we need to investigate you, for 1 – not knowing who she is (shocking) 2 – your tone of voice on asking tsk tsk tsk. Hey guys how aobut we form an investigation into attitudes and lack of knowledge or too much knowledge and demonstrsting you moronic “I am in charge and thus I rule” Hope you just talk that way, and are not defending these people.

  1. Benedict Arnold would have been proud of The Lincoln Project. The “Chamber of Commerce” RINO Republican Party is dead and they don’t have a clue. Good riddance.

    1. I agree with your commment. But it still leaves us with the next step. Personally, I guess we wait until the dems start taking peoples money. Notice he (biden) went form 400K to now 300K for taxes. And pelosi answer is going to be to fine republicans to suit her needs. I thought we were a country of laws and not the personal state of an senile 80-yr old witch hag who has only one thing in her brain. F… TRUMP AND ALL CONSERVATIVES OVER. IF she has her way she will be forcing conservatives to wear a republican uniform and then trget them for errdicaion. Once accomplished – china moves in with russia and they divide the US into pieces of pie. probably make the northeast muslim and muslim-hispanic-black because muslims do not share space – either submit or die, the south will probably go to RUssia adn teh middle and west coast to china. I wont see it, at least not from here but I think if something does not change in 2022 and 2024 we will see it going that way.

  2. Exposure,expulsion and an explosion of people suddenly seeking truth and repenting of this din.Watch God moves.

  3. A really need to take Republican out of their. There not republicans at all there trump haters and scumbags. The only reason why they exist is because the democrats support them

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