Tweet of the day: Andrew Cuomo gets career-ending news

I hope she runs. I think she would have a really good chance even in deep-blue New York? What say you?

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    1. Hurrah for any one that runs against a destroyer of the CONSTITUTION……Cuomo has created a terrorist NY, and has done nothing but tie the hands of the police, just like DeBlasio…………They are both unfit to run anything but a bicycle…….

    2. Our commrad in chief of california.(CCC) rewarded us today, as he lifted crewfew and something else, sorry slips my mind. Any way he did it because DT left office. Wasnt that nice of that crooked Son Of a Biden.

  1. Why can’t we get these Dem governors booted out… why do we have to wait till re-election…. why can’t they be thrown out to pasture …. the harm he has done to the state of NY…. all the dem governors are demon possessed!!!

  2. I think she should. However, I dont think she will win. remember dems are in charge of all government branches and they dont care about the law. But you never know, 2021 and 2022 will either reinforce the madness or start walking it back.

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